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RT @monicabyrne13: If you value my work, please watch & share. Two-thirds to go. Thank you. ❤️…

7:02pm Jul 18 2016 —

RT @wcmcr: WordCamp’s aren’t just for developers, they are for anybody that uses WordPress. (Just in case you didn’t know) #wcmcr

4:07pm Jul 18 2016 —

RT @SaraMG: “If diversity were a product…it would be considered a failure. …stagnates for two years has a growth problem.”


1:54pm Jul 17 2016 —

RT @kayleighthorpe: I thought it’d be nifty to draw my dragon character Xar basically stealing #Wapuu‘s job.

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RT @SteamhausMCR: Sir Tim Berners-Lee makes a last-minute plea to save net neutrality in Europe:…

12:09pm Jul 16 2016 —

RT @anildash: “That lie is that there is some sort of pipeline problem preventing tech companies from hiring more black people.” https://t.…

8:15pm Jul 15 2016 —

RT @WorthyOnTheWeb: Diaries out folks 22nd October 2016 WordCamp Manchester #wcmcr @wcmcr

6:14pm Jul 15 2016 —

RT @Channel4: There’s no such thing as can’t. Introducing our #superhumans trailer. Proud to be the UK Paralympic Broadcaster.…

8:38pm Jul 14 2016 —

RT @HeforShe: “Words matter – this is not a ‘women’s issue.’ It’s a leadership issue.” @gaylelemmon #HeForShe…

8:34pm Jul 14 2016 —

RT @IanDunt: Sacrifice your next 5 mins to me & I will tell you everything you need to know about Brexit negotiations…

1:19pm Jul 14 2016 —

RT @Glinner: This old-school racist pretending to be your lovable uncle is now foreign secretary…

2:56am Jul 14 2016 —

RT @j__a__i: Foreign Secretary. This man.

8:44pm Jul 13 2016 —

@PleskOfficial Great. Was the sound distorted or was my voice that rough?

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RT @Spacekatgal: Arnold is still Terminator at 68
Harrison is still Solo at 73
Why are they recasting Xena and Gabrielle at only 40? https:…

6:53am Jul 13 2016 —

RT @wptavern: WPWeekly Episode 240 – Interview With Matt Mullenweg 2016…

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@simond ouch! The few times I’ve come off my bike, my injuries were minor. Take it easy. Time to find out how to drive WP by voice?

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RT @MikScarlet: How is a broken leg be like #Brexit? Here my reasons why…

2:17am Jul 9 2016 —

RT @hflf: We are on… WordCamp Manchester (@wcmcr) is happening…. very pleased.

10:02am Jul 8 2016 —

RT @wcmcr: Save The Date: Saturday 22nd October WordCamp Manchester #wcmcr

10:01am Jul 8 2016 —

@winwaruk @wcmcr Wrong font and angle? Can we create a proper one? /cc @andonette

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RT @GretaChristina: “I’m a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing.” Important piece on everyday police racism. ht…

7:36am Jul 8 2016 —

RT @ChrisSpalton: .@nuxuk is a great #UX conference and the organisers, speakers & attendees are all round top peeps, go to it. https://t.c…

5:43pm Jul 7 2016 —

RT @steveklabnik: Debian creator Ian Murdock died under mysterious circumstances after claiming he was beaten by police. Ruled suicide http…

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