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@Tiggers details? Location? Time?

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@cmedigital @mkjones Macmillan have been doing it too.…

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@mkjones Skipping the #icebucketchallenge: I’ve just donated £10 to Macmillan Cancer Support. #icebucketchicken

9:30am Aug 28 2014 —

@simond take a look at @copyblogger‘s Rainmaker platform. Very impressive. You can see some screenshots here

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@JohnCPeden great to meet you too.

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Do you want two-way sync between @CapsuleCRM and @GoogleContacts? Go check it out: (via @PieSync)

1:10pm Aug 27 2014 —

@copperio currently just using your great pointhq DNS service.

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RT @elsie_m_: V.proud of @MiniGirlGeek for getting an A* in her GCSE Computing today! Huge thanks to @sarahlawrey & colleagues for their aw…

11:07am Aug 21 2014 —

@activeinbox email sent… Seems to be Chrome only.

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@activeinbox AIB unable to count tasks in header bar (spins 4ever). Plus SQL errors showing on the site…. Problems?

3:10pm Aug 19 2014 —

RT @cgpgrey: In case you missed it yesterday, there is a new video: Humans Need Not Apply…

12:44pm Aug 19 2014 —

August Meeting: Wed 20th, 6.30-9pm. This week with @tarendai tech talk.… via @mwug

11:48am Aug 18 2014 —

@ArrivaTW That worked OK this time. Thanks. Nice to see a timely response and fix.

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@ArrivaTW thank you. will try later.

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@ArrivaTW Do you have a response to this?…

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@ArrivaTW is this even legal? Compulsory opt-in! I don’t want to receive offers, but I do want to keep my account.

5:20pm Aug 14 2014 —

RT @mwug: August Meeting: Wednesday 20th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

7:54am Aug 14 2014 —

@spbail @Tallscreen Yep. The noise attracted me. It was tightly circling the passenger jet, so that takes a lot of power.

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Military Jet accompanies Qatar passenger jet into Manchester Airport @Trovebox.…

12:23pm Aug 5 2014 —

WTF? A Qatar passenger jet just flew over “accompanied” by a military jet! Preum landing at MCR. Any clues?

12:09pm Aug 5 2014 —

@wpmark settled on @freshdesk at the moment. I like it’s integration with other apps, including @zapier & thus @pushbullet to my phone.

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So sad to have missed #YRS2014 this year due to illness 🙁
Have a great festival of code #YRSFoC

11:23am Aug 1 2014 —