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@ayiasophia OMG! I guess it’s broken if you have a cast? Mucho sympathy heading your way… x

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@Chris__Lane @Kate_Butler having category at the beginning of a URL can be a performance problem

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Just updated: WordPress’ Eighth Birthday 45M sites. 14% of the web.

4:23pm May 27 2011 —

Just posted: WordPress’ Eighth Birthday

4:03pm May 27 2011 —

Pooh! The power just went out! I have battery on the laptop, but no internet.

8:51am May 27 2011 —

RT @madlabuk: 5 days left to vote for MadLab, please vote for us!

5:43pm May 24 2011 —

RT @wordcampuk: Less than 2 weeks left to get discount #wordcampuk Portsmouth tickets

3:08pm May 23 2011 —

RT @wordcampuk: Tickets for #wordcampuk Portsmouth 2011 are now available from

1:12pm May 19 2011 —

Manchester WordPress User Group meeting TONIGHT 7pm @MadLabUK. Everyone is welcome. #wordpress

4:40pm May 18 2011 —

Manchester WordPress User Group meet tomorrow, Wed May 18th 7pm @MadLabUK. Everyone is welcome. #wordpress

5:31pm May 17 2011 —

Help @MadLabUK win much needed £5k! Manchester Digital Laboratory RT #jointherevolution

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RT @londonfilmgeek: The BBC’s revamped blogs are a road crash… via @adders

10:18am May 16 2011 —

Can then be imported under tools link importer (doesn’t import the categories though).

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@Suw Happy birthday Kev, same day as me! All the best people are born in May!

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@davecoveney yeah, standard WordPress. Add cat 4xport to the post. Just export that one cat.

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RT @stephenfry: Oh my sodmothering god. Michael Bolton as you’ve never seen him.… I need a lie down. (via @elvis717)

1:21pm May 10 2011 —

@jalada Yep. And lots of false positives too. I pulled 12 ham out of about 40 spam the other day.

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Jay leighton support for Lamb. Good songs, delivery could be better. Lamb next, woot!

7:27pm May 5 2011 —

Eagerly awaiting support for Lamb at Manchester cathedral.

6:51pm May 5 2011 —

RT @leftfootfwd: Blunkett admits No campaign’s AV cost claims were “made up” #Yes2AV

8:11am May 5 2011 —

@pointdns Why do I have to sign up to find your premium pricing? Can I pay for more than 75 domains?

12:56pm May 2 2011 —