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RT @lesteph: Killer slide from Gavin Dispain of DfT: WP saved £150k on CMS licence and 70% on hosting. Not counting the NDPBs. #wordupwh …

2:08pm Nov 7 2011 —

Finally, made it. Caught tail end of DH talk. Yay! I got mentioned twice! 😉 #wordupwhitehall

10:56am Nov 7 2011 —

RT @nhssm: Today is #wordupwhitehall: informal conference about WordPress in public sector. Watch the hashtag if interested in WordPress …

9:00am Nov 7 2011 —

Now running 44 minutes late! #wordupwhitehall

8:18am Nov 7 2011 —

Bugger! Running 33 minutes late. #wordupwhitehall

7:48am Nov 7 2011 —

On my way to #wordupwhitehall train stuck with points failure! Long way to go.

7:35am Nov 7 2011 —

RT @juliac2: Blog report of #wordupwhitehall – its long – well, it was a long day! pl let me know any errors 🙂

9:54pm Oct 15 2010 —

On my way to #WordUpWhitehall, just rehearsed my presentation and it came in at 14 mins. Yeah right! Like that’s gonna happen.

7:26am Oct 13 2010 —