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@AskLloydsBank How do I get a refund on a Visa debit card purchase when the retailer didn’t deliver?

3:46pm Sep 30 2013 —

Truly awesome set from @MELANIEPAIN much stronger than last time. Inspired!

10:00pm Sep 27 2013 —

Great set from support Lucy & the caterpillar. Great voice, great songs!

8:16pm Sep 27 2013 —

@MELANIEPAIN looking forward to it. Can’t wait!

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RT @MissPhilbin: Awesome watching year 9 students teaching year 6 students to code on @Raspberry_Pi during open evening tonight. #epic

8:32pm Sep 26 2013 —

RT @madlabuk: Intermediate WordPress with WP co-founder and Stockport’s finest – @mikelittlezed1 – starts Oct 10. Five places left: http://…

8:32pm Sep 26 2013 —

@freeballoon Hmmm… Maybe I should revive my paragraph level comment plugin that was part of the DWP project I worked on.

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@Sia Fantastic comments from Céline! You deserve them.

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So sad to be attending the funeral of an old friend today. It’s not something you expect of your own age group. RIP @philellis12

8:27am Sep 25 2013 —

RT @DarrenTimson: Just booked Intermediate and advanced WordPress with @mikelittlezed1 #Excited

11:35am Sep 24 2013 —

RT @joejamesbarratt: Just done my presentation on the national launch of The Teenage Market at NABMAs national conference. Went really well…

11:29am Sep 24 2013 —

RT @JS_Zao: As of tonight, WordPress officially powers over 20% of the Internet.…

Let the graph at the bottom blow …

8:10am Sep 24 2013 —

RT @humanfactors: Grt UX Conference in England in OCT. & full list of UX events here; #UX #nu…

8:08am Sep 24 2013 —

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I’m up for 2 @Nubiantimes2 MBC Awards – Inspiring public figure and Contribution to Media. Voting still open:

5:54pm Sep 23 2013 —

@suefernandesweb BTW, that’s still the old static site. New one is not live yet!

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@AskLloydsBank Your new logged out page needs work. Images being served from wrong domain (.com not so SSL cert is invalid.

12:54pm Sep 23 2013 —

@getrichwithme1 @WordPress Glad you enjoyed the meetup.

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RT @getrichwithme1: Spent the evening in the company of @mikelittlezed1 co-founder or @WordPress He gave a great talk about WP security iss…

12:49am Sep 21 2013 —

@misscroissant Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the course. Hope you got lots out of it.

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RT @misscroissant: Definitely added @mikelittlezed1 to my list of people with great laughs. Oh and he’s not bad at explaining WordPress eit…

12:48am Sep 21 2013 —

Currently working on this project: Stockport’s popular Teenage Market set to go national… via @itvnews

10:39pm Sep 20 2013 —

@Tarendai No worries. Maybe next month, or November?

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RT @madlabuk: Thinking of joining our Beginning WordPress course w/@mikelittlezed1? Just three places left, so get your skates on! http://t…

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@virginmedia F002676276 according to the website

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