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Vote! Help the RNIB win £500,000 and Google’s support to improve life for people with sight loss #impactchallenge…

2:12pm Jul 29 2014 —

Probably mentioned before, but @wordpress gets a name check in new @lilyallen song. As a noun too. at 1:42 in.

11:10pm Jul 24 2014 —

@s10wen For desktop/studio/general recording I love the Zoom H2n

in reply to s10wen — 10:51pm Jul 24 2014 —

@s10wen Probably will spend proper money for wireless or at some point

in reply to s10wen — 10:49pm Jul 24 2014 —

@s10wen Was looking as some like this
Ended up buying similar from Maplin but got refund coz of poor quality.

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@HackneyTools I cover some e-commerce in my Advanced course. None scheduled currently. Subscribe for updates

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@qmacro 🙂 where was this?

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@simond yeah. Too old to change. I know 60=cool, 70=ok, 80=hot. Don’t know the new fangled equivalents. 🙂

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Help me, I’m melting!

3:40pm Jul 23 2014 —

The Department of Dirty wants to censor your Internet #depttofdirty

11:11am Jul 23 2014 —

@miss_jwo lost my voice after two days training on top of a cold. Not going to make it tomorrow, sorry.

6:19pm Jul 18 2014 —

@iagdotme @cloudHQ_net I use it to backup all my cloud presence to dropbox and hence to my hard disk. Basecamp, gdocs, evernote, and more.

in reply to iagdotme — 7:57am Jul 17 2014 —

@iagdotme @Dropbox @SpiderOak dropbox sorted now. Didn’t actually need to sync much. I use @cloudHQ_net to sync.

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Wtf happened to @dropbox? It stopped working on my mac; updated the app; & now it’s ‘syncing’ half a million files!

10:44am Jul 16 2014 —

RT @davecoveney: MyEyesAreUpHere that we mentioned at #wcuk is now available from here:… Check it out, give feedback…

10:21am Jul 16 2014 —

RT @mwug: Tim (@tnash) will be talking about WP-API for Tomorrow’s tech talk —

12:47pm Jul 15 2014 —

11:22am Jul 15 2014 —

@jonnyauk @jacklenox @benhuson My colour scheme (w/highlight). Editor is Epsilon from

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@alisonboyle @Harrisment_UK @tonys @rachelmccollin @jonnyauk Likewise. Huge thanks for everyone involved. It was great!

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@mkjones I have you laptop charger. I’ll bring it later.

6:33pm Jul 12 2014 —

Arrived in Bournemouth after a 5+ hour journey in an overcrowded train. Need to eat. Maybe see folks later. #wcuk

5:10pm Jul 11 2014 —

@missstephwalker that particular one was a surprise present from @MailChimp !

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11:14pm Jul 10 2014 —

Me on the WP Elevation podcast… via @@puffbox

3:08pm Jul 6 2014 —

@madlabuk I seem to be on the world’s slowest bus. But I am on my way in. 🙁

8:18am Jul 3 2014 —