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RT @nodejs: .@ag_dubs will discuss #NodeTogether, an initiative to improve diversity in the Node community, at #NodeInteractive https://t.c…

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RT @wcmcr: WordCamp Manchester – 2nd Batch of Tickets Now Available!…

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RT @wcmcr: To those who messaged us saying “Where can I get these new fangled tickets for #wcmcr?”. We’ve released some more!…

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RT @SamHarrisOrg: In response to a misleading op-ed in the @nytimes today:
“The New Phrenology?”:…

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Really enjoyed local talent @riotjazz at @moovinfestival yesterday. Awesome energy. Cracking set. Bought the CD!

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Just chillin’ at the @moovinfestival
Rain has started, of course!

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RT @jk_rowling: So Sarkozy calls the burkini a ‘provocation.’ Whether women cover or uncover their bodies, seems we’re always, always ‘aski…

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RT @ChicagoMaroon: In a welcome letter to freshmen, the College made clear that it does not condone safe spaces or trigger warnings: https:…

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RT @hadip: CONGRATS to the entire team who made this happen. It took years of dedication, and many lessons to learn from it.…

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RT @wutheringbytes: WordPress: An Open Source Success Story, with #WordPress co-founder, Mike Little (05/09).

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“between Jun 2011 & Dec 2015 at least 2,315 data breaches by UK police staff.” Why we must keep a human rights act…

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RT @TransH4CK: Engage with trans technologists in live code workshops, tech talks, film screenings & more! https://…

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RT @SaraSoueidan: I do not take that accusation lightly, and yes it is an accusation and it’s an insulting one.


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RT @SaraSoueidan: <rant> No one—NO ONE—on the planet & in the UNIVERSE gets to tell me that I am oppressed because I wear a veil.

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RT @TheArtsCatalyst: .@MadLabUK have some fab courses this autumn w/ experts incl. @mikelittlezed1 @danhett https:/…

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Please sign this petition to save the Human Rights Act:…

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@itsafrogslife I’ve not heard of any. I’ve seen integrations with otherCRM’s but not MS Dynamics.

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Managing a website means exactly that: Manage it! If you aren’t prepared, then you can only blame yourself.

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An excellently written article. Food for thought. Thanks Chris.

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RT @CodeUpUK: Getting down to some serious code at #CodeUp in #Stockport tonight

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RT @WordCampAthens: Ένας από τους συνιδρυτές του @WordPress καλωσορίζει το #WCAth2016.

Mike Little (@mikelittlezed1), thank you! https://t…

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RT @HeforShe: ‘Now it was time to force the issue and change the game’ – Male speakers taking action for gender equality #HeForShe https://…

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RT @madlabuk: Learn #WordPress with its co-founder. Only at MadLab.

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Tesco Stockport just now: Parked across two disabled spaces! #NoRespect

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