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@Tiggers @BoredElonMusk it could be, but the point is that too many don’t do that.

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The Four Freedoms…

5:48pm Jan 28 2014 —

Make sure you understand the implications of the medical data sharing soon to start *without your consent*.

11:34am Jan 28 2014 —

@spbail Congrats on the job, and loving the new hair too. All the best!

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RT @BoredElonMusk: Modern web design explained in a simple Venn Diagram:

5:38pm Jan 27 2014 —

@zoho It’s back now. Though a lot of legit emails (20+) are marked as spam!

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@zoho My email is not working right now. 404 on webmail and auth issues from other apps. Is this a known issue? ETA to a fix?

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@simond @WinningWP & apparently signed in on the wrong account. I’ll say it again: *Blushes* Thanks. Oh, and my birthday is 12th May 1962.

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@LanceChapel not directly, but I can ask around a couple of contacts and send them to you.

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@jonnyauk Actually this is the proper place to start.

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WordPress–11 years since the beginning

3:37pm Jan 26 2014 —

@danielpataki I’d be starting *lower* 🙁
It’s something I’d love to be able to do, but have never put the time in. Maybe one day.

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@danielpataki Great improvement. What’s the course? Online/book/classroom?

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Any chance Nick Baker could learn to present without babbling? So much time wasted. #winterwatch #unsprung

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RT @UKBlogAwards: The public vote closes at midnight on Sunday. Don’t leave it too late to vote for your favourite Individual and Company U…

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The Lords’ changes to the #LobbyingBill are crucial improvements to a bad bill – MPs and Government should keep them.

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RT @cftp: Twitter embeds broken on #WordPress? Here’s the fix plugin from CFTP’s @Tarendai:… (code:…

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RT @mwug: MWUG January 2014 meeting notes and slides

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RT @emseen: @mikelittlezed1 Please help with short research survey on web dev practices Really appreciate a RT

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RT @alexkinsella: Saw this sign in my daughter’s school this morning. Good advice for any age.

1:22pm Jan 19 2014 —

RT @troydean: just had a great time interviewing @mikelittlezed1 on the @wpelevation podcast – be live in a few weeks

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@s10wen @sidesey actually got it from @gearzap

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RT @rhyswynne: Final run through of presentation for @mwug tomorrow. Think I have everything. May need a glass of water as I’ve a bit to co…

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RT @simond: Myself and @simonwheatley are swapping job titles. Effective tomorrow, I shall be @cftp co-founder, and he’ll be… Oh, hang on…

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RT @mwug: January Meeting: Wednesday 15th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

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