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@Foomandoonian “They keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity.” Great line.

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RT @OpenRightsGroup: Two hours left to warn Ofcom they’re putting innocent people in danger with their #DEAct copyright plan: http://bit …

2:24pm Jul 30 2010 —

@rathbone_uk the site url in your twitter profile is broken

2:23pm Jul 30 2010 —

@nacin I’ve used Connectbot for the odd cmd line task on the go. Works fine.

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I told Ofcom what’s wrong with the #DEAct code It only takes 2 min You can too, but there’s not long left.

7:36pm Jul 29 2010 —

@kerryneeds You are welcome. I’m looking forward to the next @mwug meeting. There should be some new faces.

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RT @mwug: South Yorkshire WordPress User Group Meetup, Tue 10 Aug, 6.30pm.

2:01pm Jul 29 2010 —

I liked a YouTube video — Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)

5:05pm Jul 26 2010 —

Wow! #sherlock was exceptionally good. Well done Moffatt and team.

9:41pm Jul 25 2010 —

RT @photomatt: Thrilled, however, that #thesiswp is now legal and in compliance, I hope this encourages others to fully embrace the GPL.

1:32am Jul 23 2010 —

@keithdoyle I forgot to do that and now it’s gone 🙁 #15minutesofnetfame

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Woo Hoo! My #wordcampuk slides got featured on SlideShares front page. CC: @benjaminellis, @westi

2:33pm Jul 21 2010 —

38 Degrees | Tell your MP to stop the BBC cuts

12:38pm Jul 21 2010 —

@Caridi Whichever ones I could get to.

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My proposed session for next year’s #wordcampuk / #wordcampwherever a beginners hands on workshop

11:09pm Jul 20 2010 —

My presentation #WordCampUK 2010 I’m A Scientist Get me Out of here… see Notes tab for speaker notes. #ias2010

10:02pm Jul 20 2010 —

OK, turning off twitter now, got to do work…

9:49am Jul 20 2010 —

RT @davecoveney: Cost of MS software for running office of 5 this year = £199. Cost of our WP GPL contributions £4k. <– Apples vs Oranges?

9:26am Jul 20 2010 —

@janeforshort I was appalled at the aggressive stance of my #wordcampuk peers. Lucky no-one had rope and a nearby tree.

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Excellent #wordcampuk clarification from @janeforshort

8:31am Jul 20 2010 —

@GlennPegden Wrong end of stick. Simply that the UK ‘name’ implies more than the local community event it should be. Same for other cntrys

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RT @solobasssteve: Want to be a Lord? Try shilling for the recording industry against the best interests of musicians. Clearly, it works …

2:24pm Jul 19 2010 —

@simond @lesteph WordPress OPML export == Import does not preserve categories.

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@1jh yes I believe so

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#wordcampuk Hi Kimb

10:09am Jul 17 2010 —