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RT @LFLegal: Wait! @Wix is asking people to vote on whether it should let #blind people access its sites? #a11y #ux

12:07am Feb 29 2016 —

RT @madlabuk: FREE coding and programming workshops on International Women’s Day 8th March!…

9:12pm Feb 28 2016 —

.@gerwyn the girl playing with the pony from the pink egg & the boy playing with the ninja turtle from blue is pretty explicit.

in reply to gerwyn — 10:54pm Feb 26 2016 —

Have I really just watched a Kinder egg advert with pink toys for girls and blue for boys? It’s 2016 FFS! #everydaysexism

9:20pm Feb 26 2016 —

RT @KimZetter: “I hacked your email on the plane and read everything you sent and received. I did it to most people on the flight.” https:/…

8:25am Feb 25 2016 —

Petition: Re-instate scoliosis screening in schools at age 10.…

4:06pm Feb 24 2016 —

@MiniGirlGeek Awesome! I loved your appearance on #bbclivelessons
Will you be doing more?

11:46am Feb 24 2016 —

RT @clcsimon: @BBCMIDigital Loving the idea of creating interactive art work with conductive ink & #bbcmicrobit
#bbclivelessons https://t.…

11:35am Feb 24 2016 —

Go Amy! A very confident appearance from @MiniGirlGeek #bbclivelessons

11:25am Feb 24 2016 —

and @MiniGirlGeek

11:03am Feb 24 2016 —

RT @WordCampLondon: Thinking about t-shirts today. Was everyone happy with the ones from last year? We’re thinking of ordering the same.

12:15pm Feb 23 2016 —

RT @JamesMelville: To all those #EUreferendum #Brexit supporters…

7:56am Feb 23 2016 —

RT @mfioretti_en: What almost nobody is telling you about the #AppleVsFBI case… h/t @aral @brunosaetta @Snowden

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RT @McrSciFest: Do you want to be the science communicator in residence at #MSF16? Apply for the Josh Award:… @BIGch…

7:47am Feb 23 2016 —

.@SumAll I signed w/20feet. I’ve tolerated reduced service since you bought. An ultimatum of $99 pm or nothing in 7 days is final straw. Bye

12:45pm Feb 22 2016 —

I just watched a great video about online privacy and how it lets #youbeyou. Check it out at via @mozilla

12:15pm Feb 22 2016 —

RT @RichardJMurphy: The government has announced the outlawing of intellectual opposition via @richardjmurphy

7:38am Feb 22 2016 —

RT @simonwheatley: “Nobody is saying that injuries are good, or that girls should be reckless. But risk taking is important.“…

7:36am Feb 22 2016 —

MWUG: February Meeting: Wednesday 17th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

12:37pm Feb 15 2016 —

RT @imascientist: Winner of #IASUK Genes Zone,@Barbara_Shih of @OfficialUoM, voted by students:… #WomenInSTEM https:…

9:34am Feb 13 2016 —

RT @iaagmooh: Launch Zone Winner @JuliaAttias of @KingsCollegeLon as voted by #IAA students!… #WomenInSTEM https://t…

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RT @GurbirSingh: Presentations from #AsteroidDay2016 from @AsteroidDay now on youtube. Rakesh Sharma – 30 minutes after start…

7:35am Feb 10 2016 —

For every video share the Telegraph will donate £1 to ARUK (Max of £10,000. Counted to 3/7/2016) | via @telegraph…

3:06pm Feb 7 2016 —

RT @samscam: Some lovely snaps of fully non-grim Manchester… via @CatMcr

10:43am Feb 7 2016 —

@wpmark With @letsencrypt, it now takes me about 5 minutes to convert an existing WordPress site to https on my server.

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