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RT @MainplusUK: What I did after @WebDevLaw ‘s talk @ #wcldn. With thanks to the @34SP crew.

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RT @zoecorkhill: WordCamp London – with the kids! #wcldn – Massive thanks to @WordCampLondon & @NipperboutLtd !!…

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RT @NipperboutLtd: @WordCampLondon children at Wordcamp/Nipperbout childcare join in the Wapuu fun! #wcldn #wapuu

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RT @RianRietveld: Thanks @WordCampLondon for organising a perfect #wcldn 2017. Learned much, had great fun, met old friends & made new ones…

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RT @herb_miller: Super brilliant captions once again by @GRTcaptioning at #wcldn

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RT @lanche86: We tried to play cool with @mikelittlezed1 at @WordCampLondon We failed. 😊 #WCLDN

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RT @ShakeItCreative: Excellent time at #WCLDN chatting with #WordPress co-founder and guru @mikelittlezed1 with @WP1x1…

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RT @WebDevLaw: #WCLDN slides: Protecting the web from political uncertainty…

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RT @WordCampLondon: Say hello to the friendly @34SP team at their booth in the Rocket. WordPress hosting with UK support ftw! #WCLDN https:…

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RT @wordcampbristol: Great day at #WCLDN so far! Love the #sponsors bunting @WordCampLondon

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RT @PellyBenassi: Amazing speech @WebDevLaw at #wcldn – this speech alone was worth the whole WordCamp. Thank you!

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RT @solchica: Trying to mentally prepare myself for managing the logistics involved in making a WordCamp happen. #wcldn is a good example.…

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RT @ladybenko: One of the good things at #WCLDN is the % of women and PoC attending. It was refreshing! 👌

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RT @The_Lil_Hulk: Thank you #wcldn – the most inclusive, accessible & supportive community I have had the privilege to be a part of.

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RT @wpmaintain: It was an absolute honour to meet @mikelittlezed1 at #wcldn, the Co-Founder of WordPress. Thank you, Mike!…

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RT @WordPress1x1: My Highlight at the #wcldn – meeting @mikelittlezed1 the Co-Founder of #WordPress & had a great talk about #genderequalit…

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RT @WordCampSD: Yes MT @eblagonic: The best moment of every WordCamp is recognizing the team that did it. Congrats #wcldn…

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RT @that_web_guy: Thanks to force-of-nature @miss_jwo and all the team who made #wcldn so amazing in 2016. See you again next year!

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RT @KonstantinYelin: A big thank you to all #wcldn organisers & volunteers for a great weekend! See you next year @WordCampLondon 2017 http…

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RT @Ana_Segota: The most inspiring talk by the beautiful @The_Lil_Hulk. So much courage. We can all take and learn something from her. Than…

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RT @SurajSodha: @mikelittlezed1 Really pleased to meet you at #wcldn, we built a livelihood and jobs because of WP with @wpmaintain https:/…

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RT @Ana_Segota: Thanks so much for the great & very inspiring talk @The_Lil_Hulk 🙂 #wcldn

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