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RT @BougieBlackGurl: When I applied for a job:
Lakisha on my resume = zero call backs
L. Ann on my resume = flooded w/ calls
Racism hurts #…

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@CreativJam Love it! Don’t forget to contribute it back to the archive…

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RT @jesslynnrose: Women in tech who are in awesome, supportive roles and companies, tell me about how great your employer us?

RTs would be…

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Created with Skitch –

@LancasterUni I think you have a bug in your code…

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RT @nickmhalliday: I am now calling @mikelittlezed1 the WordPress ‘bacon saver’ – a big thank you in order for today’s work

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@mikelittlezed1 I just noticed: 100 consecutive days today!

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Had to do my #1sttibetanrite this morning with only my elbows out. #teenytinyhotelroom

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RT @simond: As seen all too briefly on Newsnight: Tainted Love via the medium of Twitter names. Sheer genius.

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RT @FreelnceParents: Great read: “Why are there more women freelancers than men?” from @gfreelancing

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RT @marcuschown: She wrote the most important astronomy PhD of the 20th century. Yet hardly anyone knows her name #wsf15…

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RT @dimensionmedia: I rarely say “great comment”, but i’ll give a nod to @markjaquith response on 4.2.3’s shortcode changes:…

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@qmacro we have a platform 0 at Stockport too!…

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RT @WesleyLowery: if you don’t understand why people react strongly to “All lives matter,” this random guy on Reddit explains it well https…

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RT @waldojaquith: Hey, @TMobile, prohibiting people from using a password manager is a terrible, insecure anti-pattern. Please stop. http:/…

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RT @wcmcr: Venue? MMU business school. Check.
Date? 10th October 2015 Check.
Bumble Wapuu? Check.

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@peepsowp You also mention two different licenses. Old copy??

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@peepsowp You can’t require link backs with the GPL, nor restrict release of modified code.

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RT @wcmcr: What do you get if you cross a well known symbol of Mcr with an adorable #WordCamp icon? Say hello to Bumble Wapuu…

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RT @Stephen_Curry: Scientists: the @imascientist competition could be one of the best things you ever do. Sign up for Nov:…

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@brianclark Thanks for introducing me to the 5 Tibetans. I’m 90 days in now. 🙂

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@MinhLanLe @markjaquith @WordPressTV my advice: don’t sell your themes with a non-free license. Use the GPL.

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RT @1jh: We need activities and events for young people that treat us with respect, things that don’t sound like we’re trying to be saved f…

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RT @dexhandle: The oldest living person in the world was alive before the Wright Brothers flew the first plane

And we just sent something …

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