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Water in cellar now 6 inches + united utilities will turn up some time today!

12:13pm Mar 22 2011 —

Feck! I do not need 4 inches of water in my cellar/office! No work today then!

8:04am Mar 22 2011 —

Yay! Booked my Björk ticket! Really looking forward to this world premier in Manchester.

11:29am Mar 18 2011 —

On a train on my way to @mwug at @madlab. Are you coming?

6:20pm Mar 16 2011 —

@simond gotta be Stockport!

in reply to simond — 10:32pm Mar 15 2011 —

@ShaneMcC probably. But come on, hotmail? In this century?

in reply to ShaneMcC — 5:36pm Mar 15 2011 —

@Azizur fire a copy over dude, I’ll take a look.

in reply to Azizur — 6:57pm Mar 14 2011 —

RT @mattrweaver: BBC News – Cory Doctorow: How free translates to business survival –

5:18pm Mar 13 2011 —

Poop! Amazon UK just delayed the release of #wordpress #plugindevbook for the second time.

3:35pm Mar 13 2011 —

@ShaneMcC When I fixed this page there was broken image (coz we had a 0-length ico). So I fixed it… FoC. 🙂

in reply to ShaneMcC — 10:50am Mar 13 2011 —

@paulgailey Yes, I’m not a designer. I could engage a designer on your behalf, but it’s best if you do that.

in reply to paulgailey — 5:05pm Mar 12 2011 —

Really enjoying Blues at the BBC. Great archive footage, and some good history/facts too.

12:04am Mar 12 2011 —

Not long back from day in london working on-site. Thought about doing more work, but buggerit! I’m going to watch a film.

10:39pm Mar 8 2011 —

@leewillis77 Maybe it’s a Samsung Galaxy S thing. I discovered it by accident.

in reply to leewillis77 — 8:38pm Mar 8 2011 —

@tomjohnson Alas, no. though I still want to upgrade it for WP 3.1 and latest DITA. One day.

in reply to tomjohnson — 8:28pm Mar 8 2011 —

@tomjohnson my android 2.2 does. Hold ‘back’ >1 sec, and press home.


in reply to tomjohnson — 8:20pm Mar 8 2011 —

@tomjohnson my android 2.2 does. Hold ‘back’ >1 sec, and press home.


in reply to tomjohnson — 8:19pm Mar 8 2011 —

@Chris__Lane if you can get away with the wp loop in a central td, it’s not 2 bad, but replacing tables is the best, but harder, way

in reply to chrislaneblog — 8:04pm Mar 8 2011 —

@simond comment made. We’ll see if there is a correction.

in reply to simond — 8:53pm Mar 4 2011 —