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RT @ScreenFlow: Black Friday is here! Enjoy our biggest online sale of the year! 30% off BlackCyber2013…

8:17pm Nov 29 2013 —

What’s wrong with @gmail spam detection? It’s running about 99.9% false positives at the moment!

1:16pm Nov 27 2013 —

RT @jenmylo: Happy Birthday to @markjaquith!

5:29pm Nov 26 2013 —

@simond @swissspidy I picked up a client that had it installed.

in reply to simond — 5:25pm Nov 26 2013 —

@peter_booker thanks

in reply to peter_booker — 5:20pm Nov 26 2013 —

@Jatinder183 Sorry, technical hitch (I didn’t set it up right). It should be working now.

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On my way home after a fantastic #wcldn thanks for all the wonderful and encouraging comments from everyone.

4:18pm Nov 24 2013 —

RT @mkjones: Lasting memories of #WCLDN are @hanni‘s hair and @nacin‘s beard.

10:47am Nov 24 2013 —

Unfair! I’m teetotal and still wake up with a headache after #wcldn party!

10:21am Nov 24 2013 —

RT @miss_jwo: Loving the backs of the staff t shirts #wcldn

9:15am Nov 23 2013 —

WordCamp London about to kick off. Looking forward to it. Already met some awesome people! #wcldn

9:14am Nov 23 2013 —

@simonwheatley @Ipstenu @simond I have no objections to sharing it.

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RT @madlabuk: Bloggers check out @UKBlogAwards to gain National recognition for yr blog! Judged by our own @mikelittlezed1…

12:08pm Nov 20 2013 —

FREE food safety turkey training…

11:38am Nov 20 2013 —

RT @madlabuk: Advanced WordPress course with WP co-founder @mikelittlezed1 is this Thursday and Friday and is only £300. Book…

7:44pm Nov 19 2013 —

@activeinbox Activeinbox ( has disappeared today on both Chrome(31.0.1650.57) & Firefox(25.0.1). Gmail version is 56546121

9:04pm Nov 17 2013 —

BBC – Children in Need – Donate I did. #childreninneed

9:36pm Nov 15 2013 —

Have you entered @UKBlogAwards? Submit your entry or nominate a blog here I have the honour of judging #UKBA14

6:08pm Nov 14 2013 —

@IFTTT Why do I need a channel to have a profile? Why does the Twitter channel need to read my DMs? No triggers or actions require that.

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RT @studiopress: Save Big Right Now on StudioPress, Authority and Premise — #genesiswp

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RT @CornerhouseMcr: Got your own WordPress site? Want some tips to make it look the part? Join @mikelittlezed1 tomorrow…

3:41pm Nov 11 2013 —

Is Code the Most Important Language in the World? | Off Book | PBS Digit…: via @youtube

9:18pm Nov 10 2013 —

Fireworks at Steve’s: View my photo shared via @Trovebox.…

3:03pm Nov 10 2013 —

@elsie_m_ @MiniGirlGeek congratulations! That’s awesome!

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@bytemark OK. Lunch time now anyway.

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