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3:33pm Apr 30 2012 —

@nacin @ramonfincken Yeah, svn switch in the akismet directory works fine. I even have a script to do it across all sites.

in reply to nacin — 6:30am Apr 30 2012 —

@natalieloz Congrats! I only got one when I passed.

in reply to natalieloz — 10:41am Apr 24 2012 —

@ZoneEdit Is your site down? I’m seeing connection reset. What on earth is happening? Please communicate with your paying customers!

10:26am Apr 24 2012 —

@ZoneEdit Do you have an estimate of when I will be able to log in to my account.

10:14am Apr 22 2012 —

RT @mwug: Just posted: May Meeting: Wednesday 16th, 7-9pm, Madlab

10:00am Apr 19 2012 —

RT @mwug: Just posted: April Meeting Report

9:59am Apr 19 2012 —

RT @mwug: Just posted: WordPress Myths – Slides

9:59am Apr 19 2012 —

@tankgreen Absolutely on the web shop. Any progress on the proposal? Gandi URL =

10:52am Apr 14 2012 —

Woop! Woop! I just won a t-shirt from @gandibar I register all my domains with them. Recommended (even without free t-shirts).

10:39am Apr 14 2012 —

RT @gandibar: Gandi is still giving away t-shirts today and tomorrow to some lucky winners. See the rules here:…

2:30pm Apr 13 2012 —

RT @alexqgb: The #Romney family misspells its own name in the world’s most epic Freudian slip.

2:00pm Apr 13 2012 —

@wordpress Problems with ? I’m getting “could not connect” errors from Subversion.

1:55pm Apr 13 2012 —

I just backed Wollstonecraft on @Kickstarter

10:22am Apr 13 2012 —

RT @simond: Revealing the future of Puffbox Ltd:

5:05pm Apr 12 2012 —

RT @SiobhanPMcKeown: My latest post is live on @smashingmag featuring @mikelittlezed1 @photomatt @LisaSabinWilson @ …

4:01pm Apr 12 2012 —

@dimensionmedia @pgibbs If you have the timezone set to a city it will automatically adjust.

in reply to dimensionmedia — 4:42pm Apr 11 2012 —

I just bought: ‘Laukinis Suo Dingo’ by Alina Orlova via @amazonuk I’m looking forward to hearing it.…

8:59am Apr 5 2012 —

@1jh Just spotted your appearence in the @Guardian I’m impressed!

3:05pm Apr 2 2012 —