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RT @nickreeves9876: When will an MP have the courage to point out the govt’s deceit in making people believe an advisory referendum was man…

7:30pm Jan 31 2017 —

RT @BHAhumanists: The #muslimban is a betrayal of the liberal Enlightenment roots of all that’s good in America and a betrayal of First Ame…

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RT @uncjay1: The unbearable whiteness of history… via @WritersofColour

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@idea15webdesign She could could have meant these! Though they’ve renamed them to Quick chips now.

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RT @TrevorProject: You are beautiful 💗 If you’re struggling, we’re here to support you 24/7 at: 866.488.7386 💗 [ art by @sheisrecovering ]…

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@tnash @jan_dembowski @chrisgarrett if you have the budget look to spend more.

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@tnash @chrisgarrett I just got a 101hero. Crazy cheap but I’m learning lots. Tricky to set up & very basic quality.

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@guardian And is it necessary to mention the size of his hands in a serious article? Grow up!

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@guardian I’m sure you mean ‘visuals’ not optics here.
Never mind the optics, Theresa May’s US dash was mortifying…

10:46am Jan 28 2017 —

Privacy Shield: cutting off data flows to spite your face… via @webdevlaw

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RT @simond: Yes, people of the WordPress community. It’s THAT @jacklenox, standing in an actual election for actual @UKParliament https://t…

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RT @thequeertruth: #StayOutraged and take care of Self ::: that’s the only way to get things done

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RT @simond: Fourteen years ago today, WordPress was conceived in Stockport, greater Manchester.… @mikelittlezed1 @ph…

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RT @AquinasComp: Stockport HACKfest A free two-day event where students aged 16-19 come together to code for fun and competition https://t.…

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RT @BHAhumanists: If you believe it’s wrong that religion has institutional power, & the state should be secular, join us:…

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RT @lesteph: Three cheers for @nickmhalliday and the fab NAO without which so many great camps wouldn’t have happened #ukgcX…

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RT @madlabuk: Do you use MadLab? We’re applying for funding and need your help!

Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey: https://…

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RT @kazmahoney: Bought the latest issue of @PositiveNewsUK – optimistic, rigorous journalism is needed now more than ever.…

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RT @madlabuk: New dates announced for our WordPress courses – led by co-founder @mikelittlezed1
Expert tuition for all levels! https://t.c…

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RT @ShaneMcC: In the breath we spoke about Vietnam. Thanh Du Vuy and co have been amazing and this morning this picture was in my inbox. #G…

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RT @SazBaileyUK: COMPETITION TIME: Win our Mega Yacht charter out of Palma, Mallorca? 3 nights, 4 days exclusive use for 11 people… https…

11:32pm Jan 19 2017 —

I received an award! The “putting up with Emily award”!

8:14pm Jan 19 2017 —

Enjoying a wonderful celebration of 15 years of @gallomanor

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RT @BHAhumanists: A law that could challenge homophobia, safeguard young people, reduce STIs & unwanted pregnancies. You bet we’re backing…

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RT @GavinatDOSE: Updating #WordPress knowledge and meeting like minded people at Manchester WP User Group @mwug including the lovely lot fr…

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