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RT @Fhamiltontimes: Met officers who were on the WhatsApp group with Wayne Couzens are giving evidence in their defence, about how their jo…

1:27pm Jul 30 2022 —

RT @Sistah_Space: Surprise surprise, the woman found dead in her flat after 2 years, was black.
This is so disgusting. Shame on the @metp…

7:04pm Jul 28 2022 —

@MiniGirlGeek Well done. That’s an awesome result! 🎉❣️

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The UK is the only country in the world to impose Christian worship in state schools. I’ve just signed…

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RT @Humanists_UK: BREAKING: Denmark, Norway, and 20+ human rights orgs condemn the UK Govt on its decision to quietly remove ‘sexual & repr…

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@miss_jwo 🤗❤

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RT @Humanists_UK: Why collective worship in state schools should end, in a nutshell 👇

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@makerpad Your tutorial site has been down for a couple of days.

9:39am Jul 12 2022 —

RT @meeware: Something rather dispiriting about a group who convene to share anti vax conspiracy theories advertising themselves like this…

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RT @ShaneMcC: We’re looking for some support on our Black History Month schools engagement project.

Short contract for someone who underst…

1:51pm Jul 8 2022 —

RT @OliverKamm: She is absolutely right because her grammar is not “incorrect”. Her speech contains non-Standard constructions, and these a…

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@MiniGirlGeek I am, yes. We should. Though I am mostly still home-based, we could arrange something when you are back up north.

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@MiniGirlGeek Congratulations Amy. 🎉❤️

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RT @humanmadeltd: 3/ To kick things off, here’s a video put together celebrating the diversity and global worldview we’re able to draw from…

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