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#wordcampuk Vote on WordCamp Windsor vs Lancaster by midnight Friday. See WPUK mailing list for details. My vote’s for Lancaster

1:42pm Apr 4 2013 —

@dashaluna Awesome it was. So glad you enjoyed it. Sorry we didn’t get chance to chat. #wcuk #wordcampuk

in reply to dashaluna — 9:34am Jul 17 2012 —

@mkjones No! Honest! I was taking names for my beginners session! #wcuk #wordcampuk

in reply to mkjones — 9:25am Jul 14 2012 —

On my way to surgeons’ hall. #wcuk #wordcampuk

7:43am Jul 14 2012 —

Safely ensconsed in my hotel in Edinbrugh, catching up on emails. #wordcampuk

4:05pm Jul 13 2012 —

Leaving shortly for #wordcampuk Edinburgh. Looking forward to a #wordpress -tastic weekend! #wcuk

9:14am Jul 13 2012 —

RT @pgibbs: #wordcampuk I think Portsmouth has been one of the best UK wordcamps so far! Thnx to all speakers, attendees & sponsors

6:02pm Jul 17 2011 —

RT @PointandStare: google ‘wordpress specialists’ and we’re no.3 naturally under – we’re happy with that! #WordCampUK

5:51pm Jul 17 2011 —

On the train for the first leg of my journey to #wordcampuk 4.5 hours total.

12:02pm Jul 15 2011 —

@ShaneMcC I am going, but alas! train tickets already booked, via London. #wordcampuk

in reply to ShaneMcC — 10:08am Jun 3 2011 —

Last few hours to get your discounted #wordcampuk tickets for WordCamp Portsmouth UK

8:38am Jun 3 2011 —

RT @wordcampuk: Today is 1 June – at midday on 3 June the £10 discount on #wordcampuk tickets ends

1:52pm Jun 1 2011 —

RT @wordcampuk: Less than 2 weeks left to get discount #wordcampuk Portsmouth tickets

3:08pm May 23 2011 —

RT @wordcampuk: Tickets for #wordcampuk Portsmouth 2011 are now available from

1:12pm May 19 2011 —

@tonys I know that, but the impression from the list is otherwise. Hence the Leeds withdrawal. #wordcampuk

in reply to tonys — 10:33am Oct 19 2010 —

@tonys I know that, but that’s the impression coming out of the mailing list, hence the Leeds withdrawal. #wordcampuk

in reply to tonys — 10:28am Oct 19 2010 —

@1jh I think a very small but vocal minority are insisting on a SE proposal not a collective ‘we’. #wordcampuk

in reply to 1jh — 9:43am Oct 19 2010 —

RT @wordcampuk: Reminder: bidding for #wordcampuk 2011 venue closes in 2 days

1:09pm Sep 28 2010 —

RT @wordcampuk: Reminder: bidding for #wordcampuk 2011 venue closes 30 September

11:49am Sep 20 2010 —

Woo Hoo! My #wordcampuk slides got featured on SlideShares front page. CC: @benjaminellis, @westi

2:33pm Jul 21 2010 —

My proposed session for next year’s #wordcampuk / #wordcampwherever a beginners hands on workshop

11:09pm Jul 20 2010 —

My presentation #WordCampUK 2010 I’m A Scientist Get me Out of here… see Notes tab for speaker notes. #ias2010

10:02pm Jul 20 2010 —

@janeforshort I was appalled at the aggressive stance of my #wordcampuk peers. Lucky no-one had rope and a nearby tree.

in reply to jenmylo — 8:41am Jul 20 2010 —

Excellent #wordcampuk clarification from @janeforshort

8:31am Jul 20 2010 —

#wordcampuk Hi Kimb

10:09am Jul 17 2010 —