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RT @ggreenwald: Theresa May is one of the west’s most extreme authoritarians, though her competitors are hardly better…

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RT @sarahsemark: Giant thumbs-up to the DVLA for giving “other” and “no title” as options here. See, every other web form ever? https://t.c…

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@hugobaeta @miss_jwo I couldn’t find a credit for it. I’m so glad I now have. Thanks!

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RT @igorbenic: Amazingly how something big as WordPress started from a simple blog post and a comment 🙂

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RT @pixelgrade: The early years of #WordPress by @mikelittlezed1 at @WCEurope: Plenty to learn from this talk. #bu…

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Whoop! 🙌 My talk from #WCEU is already available to watch. 📺

7:42am Jun 30 2016 —

Thanks. Is the replay available somewhere?

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RT @Kalyr: Some angry thoughts on the referendum in which I call certain people “lying two-faced pieces of shit”…

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RT @balirai: Some shocking conclusions regarding austerity from the UN: UK Govt breaches human rights……

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It was my pleasure too. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. #WCEU

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RT @idea15webdesign: Today’s goal is to get this photo printed up and framed. A Viennese work of art. #wceu

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RT @PatriciaBT70: @mikelittlezed1 It was an honour to talk with you! Give a voice to everyone is a topic I cherish. Thk you+Matt+the commun…

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RT @k_munneke: Mike Little co-founder of WordPress at WordCamp Europe 2016 about why to join a WordCamp…

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RT @k_munneke: #WCEU Mike Little: good reasons to join a WordCamp.…

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RT @RianRietveld: #WCEU #a11y contributors team: @joedolson @afercia @rianrietveld @coolfields @mikelittle & @mor10. photo:@zetaraffix http…

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RT @RianRietveld: I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck #blame #WCEU, but is was totally worth it. Thanks @WCEurope, it was a fantastic…

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#WCEU Thank you everyone: organisers, sponsors, & attendees for an awesome WordCamp. Thanks too for all the wonderful comments on my talk.

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@toddhalfpenny I always think: link from source to destination.

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RT @drmaliabbasi: Last night a Sikh radiographer colleague of mine was told by a patient “shouldn’t you be on a plane back to Pakistan? we…

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RT @KevinMuldoon: @mikelittlezed1 We left quite early so didn’t get a chance to say hello. Loved your talk on the first day.Will say hello…

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RT @mkjones: What a lovely couple @photomatt @mikelittlezed1#wceu

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RT @Ana_Segota: @mikelittlezed1 it was so nice talking with u in person :). #WCEU

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RT @technicalfault: This thread.

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RT @WCEurope: We had a blast organising #WCEU for all of you. Thank you for coming, for smiling, for sharing. See you in Paris!❤️ https://t…

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