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1:26am Oct 26 2011 —

#wordupedin finally back in the hotel after a great day. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit. Met some great people. Talked their socks off.

10:28pm Oct 22 2011 —

#wordupedin taryn is on the wp theme review team! Yay! Everyone should think about helping out.

10:10am Oct 22 2011 —

@johnthegeo yes, the central serif was straight and too low. #wordupedin

in reply to johnthegeo — 9:54am Oct 22 2011 —

The fauxgo had arms and legs! #wordupedin

9:29am Oct 22 2011 —

#wordupedin just starting. I have namebadge and wifi and a good view.

8:37am Oct 22 2011 —