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@tnash @stompweb @Tiggers @jacklenox just walked from the station. Roadworks everywhere!

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@tnash @jacklenox @Tiggers on the train to #wordpresston now. See you later.

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RT @tnash: Tomorrow doing a talk at #wordpresston about Static Site Generators, Have I gone mad? Come along and find out Tues 30th 7pm @Kor…

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@p3rfact Yes. “Some such thing” may be more correct, but “thing” is implied and Twitter requires us to take appropriate shortcuts.

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@tnash @jacklenox @miss_jwo Will try to make it (will be on public transport)

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@PDTalkinTech Yes. “…listed below” is fine.

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Aargh! “Below” is not a noun. Don’t say “the below”, try “the email below”, or “the following info”, or some such. #poorgrammarlooksbad

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RT @miriamschwab: Don’t use the Shareaholic plugin! Shareaholic Hijacks Outbound Links and Takes Their Cut…

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@iagdotme @chrislema Wish I was there too! Family commitments kept me from going. 🙁

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RT @madlabuk: Beginners #WordPress three weeks today – w/ WP co-founder @mikelittlezed1. 6 places left!…

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RT @PunKandStuff: “Hey Ho Lego”

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Seriously @APPLEOFFIClAL? I’ve got to agree to the (new) Xcode/iOS license to continue using open source svn cmd?…

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Help make it happen for ‘Hullabaloo Steampunk animated film’… #indiegogo

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RT @iagdotme: Great @mwug tonight where @mikelittlezed1 discussed WordPress 4.0. Shame I had to leave before the technical session. Early s…

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@hobbsy @mwug …But Duplicator will duplicate standalone sites.

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RT @imascientist: €10 will help promote science in the Irish Food sector thru I’m a Scientist Food Zone:… – or you co…

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I’ve just taken the WordPress 2014 User and Developer Survey, have you?… (pass it on!)

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@elliottrichmond It didn’t happen. I don’t think they could find a suitable venue or something.

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@elliottrichmond I believe the next #wcldn will be early 2015.

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Help make it happen for Clear Lake special DVD release… #indiegogo via @indiegogo

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September Meeting: Wednesday 17th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab/Terrace… via @mwug

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I’m supporting @tnash Tim Nash @Patreon

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RT @boatierra: Quote about books from

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Heading off to Kendall early to avoid busy M6 //cc @jacklenox

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