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@wpmark Will try to put one together tomorrow (if I remember).

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@wpmark I think you can with WP_Tax_Query::get_sql() and then modify the query on pre_user_query action. I did similar with BuddPress.

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RT @mydaughtersarmy: The voice of Iggy Pop

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@WAUKCE @HackOldham Thanks and feel free to delete the comment now.

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RT @madlabuk: Want to learn #WordPress? Beginner, intermediate & advanced courses starting new year!

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RT @br_uk: Reader writes to newspaper explaining why women can’t play football.

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@WAUKCE @HackOldham I commented with some important corrections.

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RT @sharonodea: Publicly-run, East Coast line returned £1bn profit to the Treasury. So the govt have hurriedly privatised it at a loss. WTF?

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RT @HackOldham: Big thanks to our host @WebAppUK and our first speaker @mikelittlezed1 at the #oldham WordPress User Group

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@HackOldham @WebAppUK arrived early. Now to find the place.

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@gerwyn That’s november’s. December’s will be going up this week and it will be the 17th.

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@herb_miller Yes that was the one. Remember it doesn’t measure password strength just size of ‘haystack’ containing your needle.

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RT @HackOldham: Don’t forget it’s the first WordPress user group at @WebAppUK with @mikelittlezed1 tonight!

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@speeddial2 Chrome is prompting for new permissions for your extension. What’s changed? Why do you need them?

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@HackOldham Guys you really need to remember to spell WordPress correctly. Capital W, capital P, always. Thanks.

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RT @codinghorror: Barbie: a Computer Engineer…

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RT @WordPresston: #WordPresston next meet up is on the 25 come on down to @KorovaArts arts and meet other WordPress users both new and ol…

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RT @imascientist: So earlier today we realised that 50% of the finalists were male. Now we know that 50% of the winners are female. #gender…

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@countrybaskets If you’re going to advertise during a popular show, make sure the site can cope & turn off stacktrace

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@tnash @oneplus there’s definitely an apostrophe and an s missing there.;-)

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RT @madlabuk: Tonight’s Manchester WordPress User Group is now going to be at Federation House. We apologise for the inconvenience @mikelit…

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RT @madlabuk: Interested in learning #WordPress but not sure where to start? ML are running a #beginners course next week with co-founder @…

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RT @wildlifetrusts: Time ‘I’m a Celebrity’ focussed on celebrating wildlife rather than abusing it? Good points raised by @ChrisGPackham ht…

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RT @CodeClub: Help make an impact on CS education! We get $1 for every RT #IntelAndroid & #DevFieldGuide! http://t.c…

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