Tweet Archive for August 2010

And I never tire of ‘pulling’ the “Do not pull” lever……

1:26pm Aug 30 2010 —

Mini Model Camera… via @photojojo Ooh! Pretty!

1:24pm Aug 30 2010 —

Off to @GreenManFest shortly so I’ll be off-net ’till next week. Looking forward to some good music and no internet.

9:06am Aug 19 2010 —

@BillGlover Agreed, good thinking there, and https still shows (also good). Still, the old pattern recog keeps seeing something wrong!

in reply to BillGlover — 9:32am Aug 17 2010 —

Hmmm… today’s Google Chrome update has dropped the “http://” from the address bar – it looks odd. My eyes are protesting!

9:12am Aug 17 2010 —

The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.

10:33pm Aug 12 2010 —

“Music is my sanctuary. Music is my Blanket” — “Blanket” by Urban species feat. Imogen Heap. #lyricstoliveby

8:57am Aug 11 2010 —

@MichelleDhillon it’s cheaper than staying over, & I have to work. No pointy boots but black/white romper suit! Plus costume change 4 encore

in reply to MichelleDhillon — 3:02am Aug 6 2010 —

Patrick wolf was great! 7 hour coach ride home now.

10:54pm Aug 5 2010 —

Watching martin bjork, support to patrick wolf at bush hall, shepherd’s bush.

7:18pm Aug 5 2010 —