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RT @MikScarlet: How is a broken leg be like #Brexit? Here my reasons why…

2:17am Jul 9 2016 —

RT @dalbaeb: Funny, the morning of #Brexit results, world’s largest online platform is having its sold-out EU gathering aimed at bettering…

10:20am Jun 24 2016 —

RT @GurbirSingh: If you are in the UK, don’t forget to vote today. The scope for #Brexit is the United Kingdom.

8:12am Jun 23 2016 —

RT @sturdyAlex: A fascinating insight into #Brexit and Boris Johnson, by his former colleague.

1:04pm Jun 20 2016 —

RT @JamesMelville: To all those #EUreferendum #Brexit supporters…

7:56am Feb 23 2016 —