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This is why I don’t really do @SlackHQ . Ten thousand messages in 6 days!

5:24pm Mar 30 2016 —

RT @knowbility: Congratulations to @RianRietveld, this year’s honoree for Individual Achievement at the Heroes of Accessibility Awards!

8:50pm Mar 29 2016 —

I’ve signed the petition calling on the government to keep the BBC free from government control. Will you?

3:09pm Mar 29 2016 —

RT @FindingAda: Who were WW2 pilots who learnt how to land their planes once they were already in the air? https://…

7:24am Mar 29 2016 —

@quiffboy it is disturbing isn’t it? It kinda grates. Like when BBC used to get the stress wrong saying something-dot co-dot uk.

in reply to quiffboy — 10:12pm Mar 28 2016 —

RT @funkatron: It would help tons if you post the survey link on popular forums in your community. WP/Drupal/HN/Reddit etc…

3:45pm Mar 28 2016 —

How your innocent smartphone passes on almost your entire life to the secret service –…

1:41pm Mar 28 2016 —

RT @EDLesh: Because EVERYONE goes grocery shopping! Thanks, @kroger! In GA, ya’ll! #LGBT #trans cc: @PatMcCroryNC

11:09am Mar 28 2016 —

RT @LabourEoin: Wow! The firm set to land £1,000,000,000 Land Registry that George Osborne is privatising is run by a Tory Donor. These fe…

9:26am Mar 27 2016 —

RT @aral: UK Infrastructure Act: All public land to be privatised. Sleepwalking to feudalism as Tories sell off the commons.…

9:24am Mar 27 2016 —

@kirrus I’m sure they did. It’s the live mix that’s the problem. Audience/ambience Mic’s up too high mean they overwhelm the vocals.

9:11am Mar 27 2016 —

@kirrus Alas, in this case it was absolutely their fault. BBC studio, live BBC broadcast. Poor sound. Edited replay, good sound.

in reply to kirrus — 11:15pm Mar 26 2016 —

Why do the repeat playbacks sound so much better than the live? Poor sound mix BBC. Unfair to the contestants. #TheVoiceUK

9:03pm Mar 26 2016 —

RT @DeFries: So everyone around me can finally relax and STFU 😘

8:34pm Mar 25 2016 —

RT @neilhimself: I’m pretty sure that, as a human being and an observer, I have an obligation to both – as in… https…

8:23pm Mar 25 2016 —

RT @Ipstenu: The Pressure to Succeed as a Woman Who Codes

1:46pm Mar 25 2016 —

@Ipstenu Also, I read your stuff because I respect your opinions.

in reply to Ipstenu — 1:43pm Mar 25 2016 —

@Ipstenu You already succeeded in my eyes, Mika. & you have a lot more published plugins than me!

in reply to Ipstenu — 1:43pm Mar 25 2016 —

RT @huffpostqueer: We ADORE this: Trans man demolishes North Carolina governor’s bigoted logic with just one tweet

7:22am Mar 25 2016 —

@SlackHQ Is there any way to auto-reply to a DM when I’m away/idle?

5:41pm Mar 24 2016 —

RT @TonyRobinsonOBE: Every self employed person is the reason that UK employment figures aren’t horrific.

49% of self employed people are…

8:27am Mar 24 2016 —

RT @technwuk: Dr Kirsty Fairclough-Isaacs will be talking Feminism, digital media at next weeks Norther Quarter Tuesday Talks…

9:27am Mar 23 2016 —

RT @joedolson: Miss this? WordPress goes WCAG – what does it mean? #a11y #wcag #WordPress

6:03pm Mar 22 2016 —

RT @WPAccessibility: It’s official. #a11y is the #WordPress way!

6:03pm Mar 22 2016 —

@Krogsgard I inherited it as a .info. Only recently changed it to .uk. The logo was officially sanctioned about 7 years ago!

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