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RT @myblackmindd: Is this a joke? HBCUs exist because racist white folks wouldn’t let black people into their school. We didn’t have a “cho…

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RT @Idee_fixe_: So it’s been 4 black trans women who have been killed since feb 19th. I honestly can’t process this right now…

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RT @cindygallop: “This abuse happened for the sole reason that I am a woman who told a man what she really thought.” @uber…

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RT @StopSilence_UK: Don’t flip out – spread the word #stopthesilence ##shrovetuesday

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RT @CodeUpSK: Word of the day is “furtle” – a more interesting verb than “filter” according to @mikelittlezed1

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@sambulance I’ve still got an original somewhere!

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RT @SuzetteChan: The Breitbart-Farage-Trump connection.…

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RT @jamesdoleman: How sexual harrassment is received online (via @geeksam )

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RT @davidleigh3: Scariest investigation I’ve read this year. Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media https:/…

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RT @RachaelRevesz: My piece about Cindy Gallop and watching 40 minutes worth of gender-equality sex videos. Check out part about ginger cat…

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RT @MayaChowdhry: Call for submissions for 2017 & 2018

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RT @nuxuk: Any Mancunian UX design folks fancy widening the pool of skill sets at this Stockport hackathon next weekend? Could be fun. And.…

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RT @bookofthefuture: Do we want to make unicorns?

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RT @neilhimself: Ruby Bridges. One of the most big-hearted and remarkable people I’ve ever met. Yes.

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@LouLouK We changed our Echo to respond to ‘echo’ not ‘alexa’. It quickly became uncomfortable ordering a machine with a women’s name.

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RT @WebDevLaw: Good luck today @JackLenox – and I want to hear all about it next time our ships pass.

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RT @mybuzztec: Exciting Stockport HACKfest this week! Very talented next-gen of coders and great to meet hack legends @squarejazz @hippyjim

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@SiobhanLHancock @tnash Woop! Woop! #OnePlus3T
In our house, when my daughter is home, we know have a oneplus one, two, and three!

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RT @pure1078: Pure Innovations, the charity which runs Pure Radio has announced today it is looking for local organisations to… https://t…

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RT @BHAhumanists: Teachers! Get your free stuff from @HumanismEdu. Free book on Humanism:… Free school speaker: http…

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RT @BHAhumanists: We’ve sent free copies of ‘What is Humanism?’ by @MichaelRosenYes and @AnnemarieatCamb to schools around the UK. https://…

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RT @CodeUpSK: The February edition of #CodeUp #Stockport is next week! Come join us & @mikelittlezed1 for some free coding tuition https://…

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RT @lezwatchtv: Ali Liebert is Everything Right in the World…

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@shotbylewism Thanks, Lewis. Not the most flattering of angles! In some captions there’s lowercase p instead of uppercase P in WordPress.

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