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@donncha wget -q -O –
| patch -p0

in reply to donncha — 11:37am Jun 30 2009 —

@anavrin_uk Absolutely, I get paranoid when people can see my fingers on the keys. I couldn’t cope without the little stars.

in reply to anavrin_uk — 11:18am Jun 30 2009 —

@leanda Good to know. Might have to indulge! 🙂

in reply to leanda — 10:16am Jun 30 2009 —

@Kate_Butler I managed to miss one of my favourite bands reforming because I wasn’t paying attention. #lamb

in reply to Kate_Butler — 9:43am Jun 30 2009 —

@leanda I had to check, but I don’t write on the 1st page either. Actually, nearly finished current one, must order another. #moleskine

in reply to leanda — 9:39am Jun 30 2009 —

Wow! 45 minutes for a hands-on WP session is not nearly enough! I will have to set my sites lower for the 2nd one. Good feedback though.

11:04am Jun 23 2009 —

Just putting the finishing touches to my WordPress workshops for Informatology conf. tomorrow

10:36am Jun 22 2009 —