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It has reached 91F (32+ in new money) in the office today. I guess I *do* need to buy a cooling unit. 🙁

4:24pm Mar 26 2012 —

RT @imascientist: And the final thank you goes to… @shanemcc who makes everything happen #IAS2012 #IEng2012 < Hear hear!

4:40pm Mar 23 2012 —

RT @ShaneMcC: A final(ish) thank you … for making it all happen too #ias2012 #ieng2012 < My pleasure!

4:37pm Mar 23 2012 —

RT @imascientist: Less than 1 hour before the first evictions for #IAS2012 and #IEng2012. Students have till 3 to vote to save their fav …

2:52pm Mar 20 2012 —

RT @mwug: Don’t forget #Manchester #WordPress User Group meeting tomorrow evening at @madlabuk 7pm.
Everyone welcome.

2:51pm Mar 20 2012 —

@BBC6Music Thanks. Great voice, great guitar.

in reply to BBC6Music — 10:15am Mar 15 2012 —

@BBC6Music who is the guest on Shaun’s show right now?

9:49am Mar 15 2012 —

@chrisgarrett If I select US as my origin & remain logged out, I see the $9 price. But when I log in to buy, they refuse to sell to me 🙁

10:07pm Mar 14 2012 —

@chrisgarrett If I log out it gets weirder
How do these people ever sell anything?

in reply to chrisgarrett — 10:03pm Mar 14 2012 —

@chrisgarrett Alas I joined my US & UK accs years ago. doesn’t show a price for the Kindle ed.

in reply to chrisgarrett — 9:55pm Mar 14 2012 —

@chrisgarrett & of course I can’t buy from the US site 🙁 I may wait for the paperback version to come out in a couple of weeks.

in reply to chrisgarrett — 9:40pm Mar 14 2012 —

@chrisgarrett WTF? The kindle edition of the updated Pro-Blogger book costs more than the paperback!

9:33pm Mar 14 2012 —

Yet another software patent nightmare: A Patent Lie: How Yahoo Weaponized My Work –…

11:16am Mar 14 2012 —

Currently reading: WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers

11:18am Mar 12 2012 —

@lesteph Great! Glad the advice worked. Do you have any figures? (In confidence if required)

in reply to lesteph — 11:31am Mar 6 2012 —