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RT @WebDevLaw: There is NO wait list for my #wceu workshop
Do not make me put a horse’s head in your bed
Register here —>…

5:39pm Apr 12 2018 —

RT @WP1x1: I’m thrilled to share: I will talk at #WCEU about Accessible Design! 🎉🎉🎉

7:44am Mar 30 2018 —

RT @WCEurope: Introducing WordCamps happening this October: #wcbuc #WCChiclana #wcdub #wcb17 #wcmcr. Have a great time! Love, #WCEU https:/…

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RT @WordPressTV: Making Your Voice Heard – How To Win Friends And Influence Policy @WCEurope #WCEU @WordCamp @WebDevLaw…

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RT @WebDevLaw: Missed my #WCEU talk? It’s here:…
Huge thanks to the real-time transcription and French translation…

9:32am Jun 19 2017 —

RT @muzzlehatch_: “No other industry behaves this way. It’s unprofessional.” @WebDevLaw #WCEU

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RT @MikScarlet: Amazing rousing talk from @WebDevLaw @ #WCEU. Time for #WordPress community to become active politically & socially to shap…

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RT @scottsweb: Calling all Wapuus of Europe (from the last 12 months). Assemble for #wceu…

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RT @WCEurope: Be a part of Global WordPress Translation Day 2 on Nov 12th. Help spread the word in your local #wceu communities https://t.c…

8:38pm Oct 6 2016 —

RT @petyeah: Celebrating a month since #WCEU with more photos, this time on FB by @koledan, go go ⇢……

2:04am Jul 27 2016 —

RT @WCEurope: It’s been a month since #WCEU! Missing it? Let’s go back for a bit with the big recap!……

2:49pm Jul 26 2016 —

Apparently, Facebook is now a thing for me! 63 new friends since #WCEU. More than a third of my total. Pity I hate the interface!

11:54pm Jul 4 2016 —

RT @WCEurope: Help us make #wceu 2017 better. Fill out this short survey, tell us how you feel everything went. Thank you!…

11:58am Jul 3 2016 —

RT @mariusvetrici: 2 years ago, at #WCEU in Sofia @miss_jwo put us on the right track with @wprobu Today we’ll have meeting #21 😉 https://…

7:16am Jul 1 2016 —

Whoop! 🙌 My talk from #WCEU is already available to watch. 📺

7:42am Jun 30 2016 —

It was my pleasure too. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. #WCEU

5:40pm Jun 28 2016 —

RT @idea15webdesign: Today’s goal is to get this photo printed up and framed. A Viennese work of art. #wceu

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RT @k_munneke: #WCEU Mike Little: good reasons to join a WordCamp.…

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RT @RianRietveld: #WCEU #a11y contributors team: @joedolson @afercia @rianrietveld @coolfields @mikelittle & @mor10. photo:@zetaraffix http…

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RT @RianRietveld: I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck #blame #WCEU, but is was totally worth it. Thanks @WCEurope, it was a fantastic…

7:48am Jun 27 2016 —

#WCEU Thank you everyone: organisers, sponsors, & attendees for an awesome WordCamp. Thanks too for all the wonderful comments on my talk.

7:47am Jun 27 2016 —

RT @Ana_Segota: @mikelittlezed1 it was so nice talking with u in person :). #WCEU

6:42am Jun 26 2016 —

RT @WCEurope: We had a blast organising #WCEU for all of you. Thank you for coming, for smiling, for sharing. See you in Paris!❤️ https://t…

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RT @log_oscon: Thank you for WordPress @mikelittlezed1

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