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@Tarendai I’ve figured it out. The wptobuffer plugin was set to repost on update! And I updated the markup. Turned off now.

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Buffer is being weird. Again with the five year old post!

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WordPress news roundup #2

4:43pm Jul 30 2020 —

Join in so Mark Zuckerberg hears us loud & clear: it’s time to #StopHateForProfit on @Facebook and act against hate…

6:58pm Jul 24 2020 —

The Government’s restated its commitment to banning ‘gay conversion therapy’… but why has it taken this long? Thi…

7:41pm Jul 21 2020 —

@tomwillmot I didn’t but I’m going to check them out.

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I just liked “Everything is a Remix: Reality” on #Vimeo:

12:47pm Jul 21 2020 —

I just liked “I’m a Scientist – An Introduction in 60 seconds” by @imascientist on #Vimeo:

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@zerobscrm @jetpackcrm Will this stay as a standalone plugin? Or will it eventually require the Jetpack plugin and/…

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@wppompey I won’t be recording this one (I haven’t announced it or obtained consent) but I’m planning to in the future.

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@wppompey No one confirmed so I was going to look at demoing some new features in wp 5.5 beta.

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RT @mwug: July’s MWUG meeting will be on Wednesday 15th online using Zoom 6pm-8pm. RSVP on for the Zoom link. https…

5:01pm Jul 13 2020 —

@Ammojest You could jump on our @mwug online meetup this coming Wednesday and ask there. We will be running a ‘clinic’ session.

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July’s MWUG meeting will be on Wednesday 15th online using Zoom 6pm-8pm. RSVP on for the Zo…

4:54pm Jul 13 2020 —

@AlexFenyvesi @automattic As a courtesy, when you type in the wrong domain, I re-direct to

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@AlexFenyvesi Hi Alex, I think you are confusing, owned by @automattic, where you can regis…

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@backblaze I found @BunnyCDN, and they allow me to map an https subdomain to a public @backblaze B2 bucket with goo…

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RT @NASAWatch: NASA Still Honors A Nazi Who Used Slave Labor To Build His Rockets… @NASA_Marshall @NASA…

10:05am Jul 7 2020 —

Seems like things are getting worse in this country too #BlackLivesMatter

Met police deny misconduct after Linford…

8:36pm Jul 5 2020 —

Police smash car window of man on way home from TV interview about police racism…

8:34pm Jul 5 2020 —

.@backblaze I’m trying to figure out if I can map a subdomain to a public B2 bucket (with https too). Is cloudflare…

3:19pm Jul 5 2020 —

That was weird. I noticed an issue with my buffer account & corrected it. Buffer then published a 5-year-old story…

12:23pm Jul 2 2020 —

WordPress news roundup #2

10:29am Jul 2 2020 —

.@zapier I received an email from GMail saying they will stop allowing Zapier to connect to my account. When I try…

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