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RT @g__ferris: At the Met Police deployment of live facial recognition in Romford today.

Several people already stopped just for covering…

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RT @Humanists_UK: This is incredibly important. Do this survey now. Your participation will help counter religious and political extremism.…

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RT @HRC: RT to wish Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow) a happy birthday! 🎂

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RT @Humanists_UK: BIG NEWS! All RE syllabuses in Wales will include humanism from 2022! This is a tremendous step by the Welsh government,…

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RT @WebDevLaw: Yeah, I went there. Deal with it.…

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RT @hellofromTonya: Wow 16 years ago! Incredible @mikelittlezed1 👊 ✌️

And look at #WordPress’ impact across the internet:

+ 33% market s…

3:17pm Jan 26 2019 —

The media’s response to the death of Gigi Wu, the ‘Bikini Hiker’, is shameful…

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RT @simond: Today, 16 years to the day since the @mikelittlezed1 blog comment that sparked the project, WordPress clocks up a market share…

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@WPShropshire FYI, your website is not working. Domain expired?

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RT @Humanists_UK: Yesodey Hatorah School still does not teach its pupils biology lessons, but feels it was unfair of Ofsted to fail it. It’…

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RT @imascientist: People of science! Just under a week to sign up for the next #IASUK online STEM engagement event.

Apply by describing wh…

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“Shenzhen Tech Girl Naomi Wu, Part 2: Over the Wall and into the Fire” by Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu

7:17am Jan 22 2019 —

“Shenzhen Tech Girl Naomi Wu: My experience with Sarah Jeong, Jason Koebler, and Vice Magazine” by Naomi ‘SexyCybor…

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RT @MelanieGbones: This is my #MentalHealthAwareness video. I really hope it’s ok and might help a few of you. Sorry if my voice is shaky!…

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RT @WritersofColour: A schoolboy’s “extreme” haircut saw him banned from the playground at break times. Josiah Sharpe has the back and side…

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Why your name matters in the search for a job…

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RT @KentBeck: @slicknet We should have a club

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RT @lezwatchtv: “Legends of Tomorrow” is Normalizing Queerness and it’s Awesome…

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RT @TheWomenOfWho: Doctor Who has always been very popular among LGBTQ+ people, perhaps because of The Doctor’s love & acceptance for every…

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RT @mojitobot: Pretty sick of being told to “respect” the referendum result. Which part?

The lying?
The cheating?
The foreign interferenc…

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RT @ambrnch0l: I’m creating a deck at work to highlight a diverse range of black techies, designers, and creatives for BHM.

looking for fo…

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January 2019 Meeting: Wednesday 16th, 6.30-9pm, Federation House

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RT @Humanists_UK: The Vatican is in direct opposition to women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights, is against contraception, and has presid…

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@SiobhanLHancock Fabulous. Well done! Awesome drawings. ❤

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RT @SiobhanLHancock: Hello world
It’s time. Blogging makes me happy. Expect to see posts on:
✏️ Fan art
📺 Netflix loves
🤤 Vegan food


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