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RT @GurbirSingh: In the centre of Manchester! RT @omniversity New video for #WordPress for Beginners course featuring @mikelittlezed1 ht …

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RT @omniversity: New video for #WordPress for Beginners course featuring @mikelittlezed1 Check it out!

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RT @elsiedotm: *proud mum alert*-> @MiniGirlGeek is meeting w @WoodStMission 2moro regarding her app created during #yrs2012 last wk …

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@Suw Ah! blue admin colours. Deffo looks like JavaScript issue.

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@Suw Any content in blue box? I don’t know anywhere WP produces that. Sounds like a plugin issue, possibly a JavaScript conflict.

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@woothemes email sent. It’s a one char fix. 🙂

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@woothemes So where can I report a bug in your free woodojo plugin?

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@woothemes Can’t report bug in public forum. Try to go to, get bounced to!

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RT @omniversity: WordPress for Beginners with co-founder @mikelittlezed1 September 22-23 #WordPress

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@ConnorRobertsUK There’s supposed to be data here but it’s not working, ( from FAQ’s

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@ConnorRobertsUK Re: Our conversation about flight data is also a good resource

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@elsiedotm @YRSManchester Thanks. The fun, delight and awe made up for the exhaustion!

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RT @mcrgirlgeeks: Mentors & helpers @madlabuk were fantastic! So many amazing people helping with code, giving talks, opening doors, …

11:09pm Aug 11 2012 —

RT @mcrgirlgeeks #yrs2012. Very proud of @YRSManchester participants, you were all fab and showed great team spirit supporting Jack!

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RT @dallascampbell: Brilliant couple of days in Birmingham with #yrs2012. Brilliant kids, brilliant @hubmum. Did I mention it was bril …

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RT @mikelittlezed1 Spent a fantastic morning watching a ton of presentations from inspiring young coders! #yrs2012

12:54pm Aug 11 2012 —

Spent a fantastic morning watching a ton of presentations from inspiring young coders! #yrs20120

12:52pm Aug 11 2012 —

RT @CraigSnowden: In other news, “password” is not the best password to use for a router in a room full of geeks. #YRS2012

10:16am Aug 11 2012 —

After much delay, team Sinclair will be presenting shortly. #yrs2012

10:12am Aug 11 2012 —

Wow! Alessi’s ark on the CD in the hotel. lovely.

7:12am Aug 11 2012 —

Back at my hotel after a fantastic day at #YRS2012 ! Astonishing to see so many young coders!

10:05pm Aug 10 2012 —

Things kicking off nicely at #yrs2012. Wonderful to see such enthusiasm and far more confidence than I had at their age.

9:58am Aug 6 2012 —

RT @nacin: More than one out of every six of the top million websites are powered by WordPress. 16.7%. #wcsf #mattnote

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@tomwillmot @davecoveney Have a look:… I haven’t used any of them, but remember reading good write-ups in the past.

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