Tweet Archive for December 2010

“I’m still getting used to my programming.” Great Star Tours lament from @molly23 Spot the fun url. /cc @doctorow

10:54am Dec 30 2010 —

music so excellent i just happily paid 8 smackers for it:…

10:32am Dec 30 2010 —

My good deed for the season: Old man (85) with flat tyre on his way to visit wife in hospital. AA hours away. I put his spare on for him.

2:24pm Dec 24 2010 —

@danmilward cool. Is it multi-site aware? And buddypress?

in reply to danmilward — 11:39pm Dec 16 2010 —

@madlabuk It’s a pity I can’t make it. Have lots of fun.

in reply to madlabuk — 6:34pm Dec 16 2010 —

Listening to ‘Second Hand Rose’ by Barbara Streisand, fabulous! Brightens up dull train journey to London.

7:10am Dec 16 2010 —

RT @Azizur Looking forward to @mwug meeting @madlabuk tonight. << me too.

4:29pm Dec 15 2010 —

@tankgreen tweetdeck for twitter. I love it. Haven’t found anything for FB.

7:23pm Dec 14 2010 —

@simond yes, the cabinet office have always paid my bills for work on the site.

in reply to simond — 9:58pm Dec 13 2010 —

@Diamkndubyy5 not me! I think you are mistaking that guy for me.

in reply to Diamkndubyy5 — 6:45pm Dec 13 2010 —

@Suw cat nibbling?

in reply to Suw — 12:09pm Dec 11 2010 —

@simond yeah they have been rolling out the upgrade for a few weeks now. You must have restarted your cable modem.

in reply to simond — 11:09am Dec 9 2010 —

@pbonewell yes, and screen meant it didn’t stop when I lost my connection.

in reply to pbonewell — 8:59pm Dec 8 2010 —

Feeling smug. Just upgraded 50+ WP sites from a moving train on USB modem. Thanks svn, thanks bash, and thanks screen.

8:44pm Dec 8 2010 —

Are you going to the Northern User Experience Xmas Shindig tonight? #nuxuk… via @eventbrite

11:36am Dec 6 2010 —

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

5:05pm Dec 1 2010 —