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RT @KathirSidVel: Celebrating #WP15 with the #WCBELFAST team (& 🎂). Happy Birthday @WordPress. Thanks @mikelittlezed1 and @photomatt. https…

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RT @WordSesh: Happy 15th birthday, #WordPress! Have you seen these awesome #WP15 cakes from @WPCapeTown, @Kingston_WP, @WCMumbai, and @rach…

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RT @wpmodder: Sitting in the Home Depot parking lot to take a #WP15 break:) Thanks @photomatt, @mikelittlezed1 and those who came before an…

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RT @CoachBirgit: We are celebrating the #WP15 with a BBQ. Thanks @photomatt and @mikelittlezed1 for birthing #WordPress 15 years ago! https…

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RT @simond: Where else to celebrate @WordPress‘s 15th birthday than at a @wordcamp – and @WCBelfast, my ‘home’ event at that! #wp15 https:/…

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@WCBelfast @photomatt I hope you enjoy your day.
If someone can save me some #WP15 swag, that would be great.

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@WCBelfast Hey. How your enjoy the day.
If someone would like to save me some #wp15 swag, that would be awesome.

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A chat with the co-founder of WordPress

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RT @WCBelfast: #WP15 15 years ago today the first version of #WordPress was released. It now powers 30% of all websites. There’s little els…

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