Tweet Archive for March 2010

I’ve asked my MP to stop the D.E. Bill being rushed through parliament. Have you asked yours yet? #38degrees #debill

4:12pm Mar 18 2010 —

RT @mwug: MWUG Meeting this evening 7pm @madlabuk #MWUG

2:10pm Mar 17 2010 —

RT @doctorow: Pls RT! If 10K Brits ask MPs to debate Digital Economy Bill, it’ll probably die! 1K did ystdy! …

11:51am Mar 17 2010 —

I just rated @Issuu Mobile on Android Market and could win a Nexus One! Oooh Shiny!

4:51pm Mar 11 2010 —

Woot! My interview with Matt Mullenweg finally got published. Thanks @GurbirSingh for interviewing us. #wordpress

11:56pm Mar 9 2010 —

I favorited a YouTube video — Lego Augmented Reality

7:38pm Mar 1 2010 —