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Excited to receive my Mu duo & Mu tablet to use along with my original! #mufirst500 @madeinmindUK

1:53pm Dec 30 2014 —

RT @Ri_Science: If you’re in the UK and missed the 1st #xmaslectures, catch up here… If you’re overseas, it’ll be on …

11:18pm Dec 29 2014 —

@evernotehelps Hmm… In thought I’d already sent it in a DM. anyway it’s 882564.

in reply to evernotehelps — 9:30am Dec 23 2014 —

@evernotehelps I’m using chrome. I’m always running other apps but this is not an interaction with another app.

in reply to evernotehelps — 7:08pm Dec 22 2014 —

@evernotehelps click-dragging, you can see that in the video I pointed to on the ticket.

in reply to evernotehelps — 7:06pm Dec 22 2014 —

@evernotehelps Yosemite 10.10.1 (14B25) Skitch 2.7.6 (263759)

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@danfoster did you make it in?

in reply to danfoster — 7:01pm Dec 17 2014 —

@mwug will park at first opportunity and walk the rest of the way

6:41pm Dec 17 2014 —

Definitely going to be late for @mwug very frustrating. Sorry folks, be there as soon as I can.

6:21pm Dec 17 2014 —

@miss_jwo no, the inner ring road. Don’t know the pepper name.

in reply to miss_jwo — 6:02pm Dec 17 2014 —

Woo! Moved about a quarter of a mile in about 20 minutes!

6:01pm Dec 17 2014 —

Stuck on the blinking ring road again!

5:39pm Dec 17 2014 —

@skitch When I capture with CMD+Shift+5, it prefixes “Cursor and” to the title of the image. Is there a fix?

4:28pm Dec 17 2014 —

RT @34SP: Newsletter is out with our Seasonal hours and
How to Improve Your Google Rankings with SSL –…

12:02pm Dec 17 2014 —

RT @oneplus: For our first birthday, you can buy the One in Sandstone Black or Silk White–no invite needed… http://t…

12:02pm Dec 17 2014 —

RT @1ManBandAccts: What YOU can do to help with EU VAT rules. Full details about gov/HMRC meeting I attended >

6:32am Dec 17 2014 —

WordPress Training courses early 2015 –

10:18pm Dec 16 2014 —

@bingojackson from your original q, I know underscores and it is a good starting point: Good code, (almost) no design.

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Don’t forget #MWUG xmas party at @madlabuk tomorrow
Kindly sponsored by @34SP <3

2:01pm Dec 16 2014 —

@bingojackson I’m not a designer, so I usually start w/ Genesis Genesis Sandbox looks good

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RT @WordCampLondon: Call for speakers closes on Friday!… #wcldn #wpldn

12:54pm Dec 16 2014 —

RT @Pete_Spence: Is truncating the Y-axis misleading? (via @TimHarford, Reddit)

1:36pm Dec 14 2014 —

@virginmedia managed to find the status page with info (you should link in your profile). It was fixed a little before midnight.

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@virginmedia TV and broadband just gone off in Stockport. Any ETA on a fix?

10:15pm Dec 9 2014 —

RT @csmcr: Learn more about game development, @arduino, @wordpress & more @madlabuk with @danhett @mikelittlezed1 etc…

8:39pm Dec 9 2014 —