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I completed 1,975 tasks with Remember The Milk in 2012 #rtmstats

4:49pm Dec 28 2012 —

I just got my official @Mozilla t-shirt — donate here and get yours, too!

11:45am Dec 28 2012 —

@mkjones Cool. Get in touch and we’ll arrange something. #MWUG

in reply to mkjones — 11:10pm Dec 11 2012 —

@mikelittlezed1 Answering myself: What gave was a disk crash a short while later! Only now getting back to a working environment!

in reply to mikelittlezed1 — 1:50pm Dec 11 2012 —

Finder says 221GB available, Activity Monitor says 72GB free for the same disc. What gives? #osx

6:39pm Dec 10 2012 —

@SiobhanPMcKeown @WPCodePoet @smashingmag Thanks for the mention. It’s satisfying to know I’ve helped someone improve what they do.

in reply to SiobhanPMcKeown — 4:06pm Dec 4 2012 —

The camera work on #royalvariety is quite appalling! No excuse when it’ s recording!

9:50pm Dec 3 2012 —