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@hippyjim Wow. So it defaults to 31st of the month you specify (because today is the 31st), even when invalid! *shakes fist at PHP*

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RT @SpeedOfSins: plz rt after voting: would you be offended if a someone used they/them pronouns for you upon first meeting you?

6:54pm Oct 31 2016 —

It looks like it is assuming ‘2016-11-31’, because ‘2016-11-30’ also gets it right. 3/3

6:45pm Oct 31 2016 —

I need to use DateTime::createFromFormat( ‘Y-m-d’, ‘2016-11-01’ )->format( ‘F’ ); to get ‘November’. 2/3

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So PHP code DateTime::createFromFormat( ‘Y-m’, ‘2016-11’ )->format( ‘F’ ); (convert 2016-11 into a month name) produces ‘December’. 1/3

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RT @Lesselby: Our next Intermediate WordPress course with @mikelittlezed1 is on November 3rd – sign up now to guarantee a spot! https://t.c…

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RT @madlabuk: Sign up to Advanced WordPress for a chance to learn straight from the website’s co-founder @mikelittlezed1!…

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RT @birgittaj: Final numbers are in @PiratePartyIS now has 10 members of parliament and 14.5% of the vote!

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RT @miriamschwab: My thoughts on weekend word-exchange between @photomatt and Wix CEO regarding Wix’s improper use of #WP GPL material http…

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RT @YouthMozilla: Amy’s laser cutting session proving very popular! #mozfest #youthzone

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RT @BerniceKing: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” MLK #StandingwithStandingRock #NoDAPL @officialjaden @OfficialWillo…

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RT @idea15webdesign: Every time you throw out pumpkin innards a kitten cries.

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RT @markjaquith: Pretty brazen: @Wix copied free/open-source editor code from the @WordPress mobile app & released it in their proprietary…

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@hellofromTonya Happy anniversary! 💙

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RT @sunken_studio: Discovered this amazing platform for teenagers to showcase their creative talents. Events across the North. @KirkgateMar…

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RT @chrstnerode: it’s actually pretty impressive how no cords on my state-of-the-art devices actually fit into each other

i need more dong…

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RT @bcrypt: confirmed that Facebook lets me exclude black, asian, and hispanic people from seeing my ads. why can’t i exclude white people?…

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RT @thequeertruth: If you’ve been enjoying our podcasts over the past year, please consider contributing to our @Patreon page!…

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RT @L1L_Hulk: Special thanks #Axschat superheroes, your continuing support & for helping us deliver the message of #inclusion ♥️🦄🌈 https://…

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RT @Lesselby: Our next Intermediate WordPress course with @mikelittlezed1 is on November 3rd – sign up now to guarantee a spot! https://t.c…

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RT @WPAccessibility: Oh and did we mention accessibility fixes? Because there are also accessibility fixes.

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RT @ZoeSTodd: Wow. You need to read this–refusing academia as ‘white public space’. “Academia, Love me back” by Tiffany Martínez https://t…

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RT @WebDevLaw: If any digital agencies – I’m thinking of one in particular – fancy a bash at this this today, let’s go for it.…

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RT @WebDevLaw: A reminder that policymakers can’t listen to your industry’s views if your industry can’t be bothered to show up. https://t.…

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