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RT @cftp: Repeat tweet for those who missed it last night; a video interview with @mikelittlezed1 at #WP10 Manchester:…

10:24pm May 28 2013 —

RT @simonwheatley: Thanks to the kind Manchester #WP10 party sponsors, from a-z: @cftp (my gang) @clockworksms @humanmadeltd @interconnecti…

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RT @iammattthomas: Happily thinking about the number of cake decorators worldwide who recently learned to render the WordPress logo in fros…

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RT @stompweb: Awesome night like last night. Thanks to @humanmadeltd and @cftp for organising and of course @mikelittlezed1 #wp10

9:25am May 28 2013 —

@SiobhanPMcKeown Morning! You are just across the road from @madlabuk where I hold my MWUG meetings!

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RT @WordPress: WordPress co-founder @mikelittlezed1 represents at #wp10 in Manchester:

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RT @Harrisment_UK: Happy 10th Birthday @WordPress
Putting blogging and CMS power into the hands of the people for a decade.
Thanks @mikel…

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RT @davisshaver: Starting a website like @onwardstate wouldn’t be nearly as easy without @wordpress. Thanks, @photomatt and @mikelittlezed1

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RT @WPAccessibility: We salute @photomatt and @mikelittlezed1 on the 10th Anniversary of @WordPress. May the future include more #accessibi…

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RT @jamesstiff: MCR WP 10th Birthday highlights: @mikelittlezed1 interview, expertly conducted by @simond and quiz by @simonwheatley. Lovel…

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RT @WPRealm: WordPress Turns 10! Thanks Mike & Matt! #wp10

5:12pm May 27 2013 —

@cehwitham I think Oxford road is the nearest.

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RT @markjaquith: Spending the 10th anniversary of WordPress relaxing with my family, because that is what it has enabled me to do. Thanks, …

5:02pm May 27 2013 —

RT @simond: I am in Stockport, where the magic co-happened. Very little bunting up.

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RT @WPCodePoet: Happy 10th Birthday, #WordPress! Celebrations are happening all around the world — check out one near you!…

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RT @tomwillmot: Without WordPress I’d still be helping children as a residential care worker. Thanks @mikelittlezed1 & @photomatt! #wp10

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RT @PointandStare: Hey @photomatt and @mikelittlezed1 without your 10yr old decision i would have to get a proper job. Much/ many/ huge tha…

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WordPress 10th Anniversary: a reflection.…

2:07pm May 27 2013 —

@macgraphic @photomatt My! How our little one has grown! 😉

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@DeFries @WPRealm @photomatt Thanks to the huge WordPress community who help make WordPress so good.

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@idea15webdesign @photomatt Thanks Heather. BTW, today is the anniv of WP 1st release. That comment was in Jan 2003

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RT @simond: The #wp10 cake (plus associated gluten free cupcakes) for Manchester is complete. And my wife is awesome.

4:06pm May 26 2013 —

RT @simond: You want a piece of me? Bar Odder, central Manchester, tomorrow night. Knife will be provided. #wp10

4:01pm May 26 2013 —

@wptavern Thanks.

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