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@photomatt @mhmazur Wait! What! I’m still in the top 50?

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@allie_nimmons Haha! 😂. Of course. Beautiful tattoo. Beautiful attitude. ❤

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@2ndKauBoy @wp19day Everyone is awesome 🌈

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RT @iamwinstina: @tomwillmot @mikelittlezed1 @photomatt So true Tom! They have.✨🎊 Thank you Mike and Matt!!

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RT @noopkat: as a user I want you to stop splitting your login form into a two step process

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RT @JoeSimpsonJr: Live long and prosper @WordPress! Happy #wp19day from the @WordPressSCV Community.

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RT @laxmariappan: Happy 19th Anniversary @wordpress 🎂 🥂

#WordPress and the communities helped me grow both personally and professionally.…

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RT @JennyMcKinnon_: @drewwest75 @IndiaWilloughby @bbcpress @BBCTheOneShow @kerastase because the top management of the BBC are political ap…

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RT @TacoVerdo: Happy birthday, @WordPress!
And congratulations to @photomatt and @mikelittlezed1 for seeing your ‘kid’ reach its last year…

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RT @humanmadeltd: Wow – today marks 19 years of WordPress. 🤯

What a difference it’s made to all our lives. Congratulations on an incredibl…

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RT @tomwillmot: Thank you @mikelittlezed1 & @photomatt for starting WordPress 19 years ago! Same to every person who has contributed since.…

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RT @Femi_Sorry: BREAKING:
Rishi Sunak is announcing new support for the cost of living on the same day as the Sue Gray Report.


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It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t get better.
“He died on the street begging for help not from just one, but seven polic…

8:24pm May 22 2022 —

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@FrancescaMarano Happy belated birthday. 🎉

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@DeanVipond I rarely see anything other than colours when I look at icons, esp on my phone. It turns out many socia…

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@jesmond @DeanVipond I guess you’ve never been to a country where toilets don’t look like this. Not forgetting most…

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@tuttonp @jesmond @DeanVipond That requires the same cultural roots/education to understand.

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Cassette boy vs the Tories May 2022

12:17am May 10 2022 —

RT @Humanists_UK: After 8+ years of our campaigning, the UK Govt finally announced plans to close illegal faith schools. Our Education Camp…

6:56pm May 9 2022 —

RT @Humanists_UK: A good humanist sentiment for today by our President @theAliceRoberts.

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@Japh I was stuck on mostly Lofi for too long last year (especially ChillHop label). But recently I’ve been going b…

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@RianRietveld @Japh Nothing guilty about George. Awesome voice, great songwriter, sadly missed. 💕

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