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Merry Christmas one and all!

7:37am Dec 25 2011 —

RT @abeeken #ff the Gallomanor crew, @ShaneMcC, @GarethDotDesign, @RosieSchultz #happychristmas << cheers to all.

1:48pm Dec 23 2011 —

@mikelittlezed1 make that 4.5 hours! Won’t be home til 1am 🙁

in reply to mikelittlezed1 — 8:31pm Dec 16 2011 —

Had a great time at the @gallomanor xmas party. Good company, good food. 3.5 hours to get home now. #iasxmas

7:44pm Dec 16 2011 —

Having fun at the @gallomanor xmas party! #iasxmas

2:46pm Dec 16 2011 —

RT @RosieSchultz: +1 RT @ShaneMcC: It’s #iasxmas Party Day. Looking fwd to seeing @mikelittlezed1 @GarethDotDesign @declanfleming @sophiacol

9:18am Dec 16 2011 —

Wooh! eight cores in use. First time I’ve seen this on the new MBP.

1:31am Dec 16 2011 —

@jalada cool! I’ve done about 40, another 20 or so to go. And funnily enough, I’ve got to move 30+ sites to a new server. But not today.

in reply to jalada — 2:33pm Dec 14 2011 —

@mobberleycats *waves hi*

in reply to mobberleycats — 10:49am Dec 8 2011 —

@dmwmartin Oh yes! I little water made it down into the cellar b4 I could get it stopped. Waiting on a return call from a plumber now.

in reply to mjy1985 — 10:02am Dec 8 2011 —

Just for fun, my water tank in the bathroom has corroded & sprung a leak! Buckets & towels & wet, oh my! #nothavingluckwithplumbing

8:58am Dec 8 2011 —

Listening to Lioness: Hidden Treasures and mourning the loss of a great talent. #amywinhouse

3:23pm Dec 5 2011 —

RT @ginatrapani: “What do you want for Christmas?” “The ability to disagree with the premise of that question without being dismissed as …

2:28pm Dec 5 2011 —