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@quiffboy @boagworld Some of the commenters have *much* better advice than the article! especially…

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@madlabuk @pebbleddash if it helps, the beginners sylabus is here… and a review…

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RT @madlabuk: Only two places left on Intermediate WordPress course led by @mikelittlezed1 more details here:…

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RT @chrisgarrett: See also by @mikelittlezed1 RT @copyblogger: The Blog Post (and Comment) that Started WordPress – …

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RT @copyblogger: The Blog Post (and Comment) that Started WordPress –

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@RaeWatson_ @dmwmartin @davecoveney There are some WordPress courses coming up in Manchester run by yours truly.…

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@buckleysangel @photomatt @WordPress Yes, Many years ago…

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RT @simond: It’s the 10th anniversary of conception of WordPress: @photomatt‘s blog post, @mikelittlezed1‘s offer to collaborate. http:/ …

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RT @ShaneMcC: @kristinalford 🙂 didn’t you know that our @mikelittlezed1 made WP happen? He’s a very modest WP star.

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Just published: WordPress – A 10 year journey

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Shutting down email (and twitter) for now: too much work to do and too many distractions.

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@mkjones To paraphrase, if Jake abides by the rules, he can participate officially.

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@mkjones That’s not the rule, to pretend it is is disingenuous. The rule is in the first blockquote in the article.…

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@davecoveney @mkjones… It’s where Jake got his quotes from. Which ‘they’? Involved in what? WC or the conversation?

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@davecoveney @mkjones That’s right. The Foundation can set whatever rules they want for participation in their Trademarked event.

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@davecoveney @mkjones No, it’s not. It’s simply about abiding by the Foundation’s rules for participation in their trademarked event.

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@davecoveney @mkjones The rules have been around for quite a long time. As @photomatt points out, since before Theme Forest existed!

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@mkjones @davecoveney There’s no “bullying by GPL” here. “If you want to participate in WordCamp, abide by WordCamp rules” Simple.

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@MWUG Meeting: Tonight, 6.30-9pm, Madlab: Take part in the 35 day challenge #wordpress #manchester

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Happy Birthday @photomatt Hope you have a good day! #wordpress

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RT @mwug: January Meeting: Wednesday 16th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab:
Take part in the 35 day challenge #wordpress #manchester

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@estudiomaximus Never, ever autoplay! It’s inconsiderate and inaccessible. And figure out the focus on your camera: it looks amateurish!

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RT @idea15webdesign: #WCUK 2012 folk, remember our chat about whether the #cookielaw would render WordPress .com illegal? Good news.
htt …

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