Tweet Archive for November 2011… New state of matter in £10 demo

8:54am Nov 27 2011 —

@simond ho ho! How has the day been?

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RT @Dropbox: A guide on how to get more free space with Dropbox! Retweet for a chance to get +100GB!

9:26pm Nov 23 2011 —

RT @Suw: I have 5 copies of Argleton set aside for libraries. If you’d like one, info on how to claim it is here… cc …

9:19pm Nov 23 2011 —

@smithsam True.

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@wppompey Most likely be after. Email me: my name at my domain or via

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@ShaneMcC @harrym @smithsam Agreed. I use that facility & always get a typed letter back from my MP. But the numbers get press, don’t they?

in reply to ShaneMcC — 12:50pm Nov 23 2011 —

@ShaneMcC As for reinforcing, that’s as inevitable as someone saying “you always disagree with me”.

in reply to ShaneMcC — 12:34pm Nov 23 2011 —

@ShaneMcC Yes and no. It’s easy to click 2 ‘sign a petition’, & prob as meaningful as liking an FB page for many. But there’s still value.

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I just signed a letter telling Simon Burns not to dismiss citizens as zombies: @38_degrees #citizensnotzombies

12:02pm Nov 23 2011 —

Shameful. RT @LDN: This is what the Tube map looks like if you can’t use stairs

9:25am Nov 22 2011 —

Teach our kids to code please sign this important petition.

4:13pm Nov 18 2011 —

@1jh Congrats! Exciting times!

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@pgibbs yes, nearly. It was a flash file uploader which timed out after 30s & sent the file again. My code imported data again & again

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@damianzaremba yep. Replied to a text about a DM!

in reply to damianzaremba — 5:33pm Nov 16 2011 —

Ok no worries

5:31pm Nov 16 2011 —

#MWUG Tonight 7pm at @madlabuk. Everyone welcome, beginner to expert. #wordpress #manchester

5:07pm Nov 16 2011 —

@Suw thanks! *blushes modestly*

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X factor / Simon Cowell need to short this now. /via @coseyfannitutti #cowellmustpay

10:02pm Nov 14 2011 —

@iamfriendly yes this wed. http://z1.zr

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How the BBC’s HD DRM plot was kept secret … and why via @guardian

8:47pm Nov 14 2011 —

@Chris__Lane great! Looking forward to it.

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@tweetdeck why does my android tweetdeck no longer show avatars or attached images? It just spins and never retrieves them.

4:25am Nov 12 2011 —

RT @beep: Nothing I like more than opening a link in a new tab, only to be greeted by a blank page and `javascript:void(0)` in the addre …

4:01pm Nov 9 2011 —

@_fasterhorses Twitter is not a good place for such requests. There is a contact form here send details

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