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RT @_CDBoateng: Do you know how many times I get comments on YT and even @’d about how ‘lucky’ I must feel to got to @Cambridge_Uni and how…

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@severedelays @spotarse @littlerobbergrl It’s a modesty thing. Crossing your legs exposes too much leg. When chair…

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@severedelays @simonwheatley Fake but funny.

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RT @HackneyAbbott: Today’s @MailOnline claims I defended the hurling of petrol bombs at Police! Here’s their headline vs what I actually sa…

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@ryancduff Keep it up. If you can do a month you can do 2, 3, eventually 12… I’m now 21 years without alcohol.

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RT @PinkNews: The Daily Mail just published a vile homophobic attack on military official…

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RT @WinSciFest: Who doesn’t want Amy Mather’s RGB dinosaur hoodie? @minigirlgeek #WinSciFest

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RT @Humanists_UK: Producers of the new Star Trek series reportedly taking Gene Roddenberry’s humanist vision of the future seriously https:…

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RT @hellofromTonya: Make sure you read this -> #WordPress Salary Requirements Revealed and Company Pricing Breakdown…

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@SiobhanPMcKeown @RepeaterBooks Pre-ordered. Looking forward to reading it. Long wait though!

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RT @Humanists_UK: The Church of England has reportedly nobbled plans to crack down on illegal religious schools…

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RT @WilliamCStubbs: I just published “I’m so tired and I’m not even a woman.”…

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@wpmark @elliottrichmond Doesn’t scale for ever. One server is now taking more than an hour to do the rsync. Though…

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@wpmark @elliottrichmond OS-level cron job. wp db dump. rsync files and dump offsite (x2)

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Bee happy. 🐝

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RT @pesieminski: Continuing our strong commitment to transparency, today Automattic is publishing five National Security Letters. https://t…

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RT @WebDevLaw: Six months in and the ground is being laid for what is next to come.

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@phpstorm 2017.2 crashes for me. First time, it displayed a msg. Gone too quick to read. Now won’t start up. Had to…

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@bgardner Wow! Different worlds. My whole house is 752 sf + 140 sf paved yard + 60 sf office. For a family of three…

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RT @AlecMuffett: Oh my. #Sweden has a Governmental information-security trainwreck. Skip the first two paragraphs and read……

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RT @wcedin: Our Mancunian friends have brought @wcmcr brollies. Help yourself. No mock swordfights please. #wcedin

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@icureiosity @doctorow I don’t know the circumstances, but the guy is wearing an earpiece and is probably security/…

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