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Back from Ting Tings. They were great! Support (VV Brown & Ladyhawke) good too. Now doing last minute prep for LNDN trip tomorrow (today!)

12:50am Feb 27 2009 —

Fed up with current twitter client solutions. Giving Twhirl a try. Non-free! Non-free!

3:03pm Feb 26 2009 —

RT @mikelittlezed1 I have one spare standing ticket to the Ting-Tings @ Manchester Apollo tonight. For cost. Reply or DM me.

2:33pm Feb 26 2009 —

I have one spare standing ticket to the Ting-Tings @ Manchester Apollo tonight. Reply or DM me.

10:11am Feb 26 2009 —

@aq33aq33 got it. Thanks very much.

1:02am Feb 26 2009 —

@aq33aq33 I would love one if you have any spare

12:50am Feb 26 2009 —

@geraldaungst Hi. I would love one if you have one spare

in reply to geraldaungst — 12:44am Feb 26 2009 —

@Thehodge It’s got a fruit in the name. Of course it does!

in reply to Thehodge — 12:13am Feb 26 2009 —

@lesteph Yeah. You need to use the correct DTD and add the namespaces. But you still can’t use spans like that.

in reply to lesteph — 12:12am Feb 26 2009 —

@mikelittlezed1@lesteph @simond I mean 96 warning. 87 is my twitter page! Standards? What standards?

4:13pm Feb 25 2009 —

@lesteph @simond Pity they don’t know span can’t surround a block element like p. And you cannot add arbitrary attribs either. 87 warnings.

in reply to lesteph — 4:09pm Feb 25 2009 —

@stephtara @Suw Absolutely! My server rsyncs *everything* (db dumps + files) to Switzerland (from UK) every 6 hours!

in reply to stephtara — 10:12am Feb 25 2009 —

@lorelleonwp AVG Free *does* do removals. It is well featured (including updates) in the free version.

in reply to lorelleonwp — 10:00am Feb 25 2009 —

@davecoveney Yay! Well done. I told you it would be. 🙂

in reply to davecoveney — 6:01pm Feb 24 2009 —

It looks like MySpace blogs just barfed. Every blog I’m subscribed to is showing the last 10 entries as new! Or is Google Reader?

11:53am Feb 24 2009 —

@wptavern Far too late for any prizes now, but it was ME 🙂 *takes a bow*

in reply to wptavern — 1:21am Feb 24 2009 —

@bravegirl Hi. I may be able to help. DM me or email me, my first name at my domain.

9:22pm Feb 21 2009 —

@brianhogg I meant ‘pretty’ permalinks

in reply to brianhogg — 1:54am Feb 18 2009 —

@brianhogg Good post. Permalinks! Turn on the permalinks! 😉

in reply to brianhogg — 11:08pm Feb 17 2009 —

@brokendrum70 Cool. Thanks for the link… All Done. now has canonicalised links for pages and posts!

6:00pm Feb 16 2009 —

@Suw check your email…

2:13pm Feb 16 2009 —

@Suw Isn’t just fantastic? I think his best yet. Recommended.

11:38pm Feb 15 2009 —

@davecoveney Well done. The site looks great. And love that we made it XHTML 1.1

5:45pm Feb 13 2009 —

@simond Yes Old-fashioned invalid too. And jitter effect if you put yr cursor in wrong place on the mac-bulge pics. last pixel above shadow

5:31pm Feb 12 2009 —

Damn! I’m not going to make it to Manc Twestival tonight! Too busy with client work. At least I donated. #twestival #manctwester

5:12pm Feb 12 2009 —