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@Suw Error message

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@jonratcliffe @simonwheatley If you want a pure PHP solution use the wp_list_pages filter. It’s called with the final HTML b4 being rendered

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@Kate_Butler That’s a shame 🙁 I loved that band. I saw them live once, possibly in ’79 or ’80

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Cool! GMail just changed UI from one click to the next. The labels are now a separate dropdown from “More actions”. Yay! That’s a good move.

8:52am Feb 4 2009 —

On train to LDN to see client. Had to stop at MK to let some poor chap (& wife) off. He collapsed next to me & we had to get a doc to him.

8:32am Feb 4 2009 —

Time for lunch…

12:48pm Feb 3 2009 —

@neilfranklin Depending on notification settings You might not see everything from your followees?

in reply to neilfranklin — 12:40pm Feb 3 2009 — – Screenshot from clicking on the “Accessibility / Usability” link on this page FAI …


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@mwug Yeah. That’s it. Matt gave me a proper name check at NY Wordcamp. 40s – 1:40s and at SF too.

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@Kate_Butler I’ve only lived outside Stockport once, for a few weeks, and it was only Didsbury!

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@mwug re: – I get a mention on the video, 🙂 though not by name 🙁 at 2:36-2:34 and 2:30-2:19 (countdown).

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@Kate_Butler Hi Kate. Stockport born and bred as the saying goes.

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@FindingAda I recall they did it last year too. Quite unacceptable. From the size of the cast for the advert, a lot of people complicit too.

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@paulanthony Good catch! That’s a great piece. And good to get someone so prominent who ‘gets it’ and can talk eloquently about it.

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