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@TJD_absolute Yeah, WordCamp was 14/5th July in Edinburgh

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@woothemes Still no css on the test site. Also I can’t create new users, so I can’t really test supportpress. New support site not working

in reply to woothemes — 4:58pm Jul 27 2012 —

@SiobhanPMcKeown Andy Peatling See also

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#mountainlion The good: I’m still loving the search in Launchpad! And the escape key when I need to start again 🙂

12:40pm Jul 27 2012 —

#mountainlion The bad: How dare you change my filetype associations? I want LibreOffice to open .docs & .odt files not Pages & Textedit!

12:38pm Jul 27 2012 —

@louisnorthmore Creative VF0700 Live! Cam Chat HD. Here’s the difference

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#mountainlion The bad: whaddya mean no X11? But I’ve already got XQuartz installed! OK, I’ll install it again!

10:15am Jul 27 2012 —

#mountainlion The good: External webcam no longer has a colour cast, looks like the HD resolution it is, & almost all lag has gone.

10:13am Jul 27 2012 —

“I won’t hire people who use poor grammar.”… Great attitude! Unfortunate url.

11:14pm Jul 26 2012 —

Watching #AmyWinehouse at Dingle and mourning all over again 🙁

11:10pm Jul 26 2012 —

@simonwheatley Ooh! Ooh! I like search in Launchpad! And it works as soon as I start typing.

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@SiobhanPMcKeown @simonwheatley The 34 mins on my photo took nearer 75 minutes. Now waiting for the big iLife apps to update. Slooow!

in reply to SiobhanPMcKeown — 11:02pm Jul 26 2012 — I’m not even sure why: most of the new features have no appeal! Maybe dictation will be interesting.

9:11pm Jul 26 2012 —

@danfrydman The back & forth is typical. It’s always a team effort. No ego’s required. Very satisfying. @nacin @flash_usb

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@woothemes having the same trouble others have had – no css/images on it just started in the last few minutes.

10:10am Jul 25 2012 —

RT @omniversity: Upcoming: Intermediate WordPress course 20th & 21st October with @mikelittlezed1

11:55am Jul 23 2012 —

RT @mcrgirlgeeks: Seems that the @YRSManchester group @madlabuk is the biggest #yrs2012 centre. We’ll CRUSH the competition 😀

8:50pm Jul 19 2012 —

@dashaluna Awesome it was. So glad you enjoyed it. Sorry we didn’t get chance to chat. #wcuk #wordcampuk

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RT @toddhalfpenny: Huge thanks to @phenomenoodle, @tonys, the team and the speakers at #wcuk. It was another storming success and met lo …

9:32am Jul 17 2012 —

@phenomenoodle @dmwmartin Thanks to you guys for helping organise a great WordCamp. #wcuk

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RT @BoweFrankema: Appartment: €140
Flight: €150
Booze: €150
Food: €100
WordCamp UK: Priceless
See you next year #wcuk !!

7:33am Jul 16 2012 —

@PointandStare alas, no idea. Maybe try an automattician

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@mkjones No! Honest! I was taking names for my beginners session! #wcuk #wordcampuk

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On my way to surgeons’ hall. #wcuk #wordcampuk

7:43am Jul 14 2012 —

@cgknowles 🙁
Hope you and yours are well.

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