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Safely ensconsed in my hotel in Edinbrugh, catching up on emails. #wordcampuk

4:05pm Jul 13 2012 —

Leaving shortly for #wordcampuk Edinburgh. Looking forward to a #wordpress -tastic weekend! #wcuk

9:14am Jul 13 2012 —

@DanielMcclure will Have a look sometime.

in reply to danielmcclure — 10:52pm Jul 12 2012 —

I’ve just taken the WordPress 2012 User and Developer Survey, have you?… (pass it on!)

9:56am Jul 12 2012 —

Help Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales protect Internet freedom + get justice for Richard O’Dwyer… via @demandprogress

8:31am Jul 12 2012 —

I remember when Chrome was a “light & fast” alternative to Firefox. Just closed it down after 28+ days and freed 2.8GB of RAM!

9:36am Jul 11 2012 —

@GordonBeveridge @madlabuk So glad you enjoyed it.

in reply to GordonBeveridge — 2:41pm Jul 9 2012 —

RT @GordonBeveridge: Had a great weekend getting my learn on @madlabuk in Manchester. My brain grew a little, I’m sure. Thanks to the te …

2:40pm Jul 9 2012 —

@LoneBeheshty So glad you enjoyed the course. Thanks for the lovely comments.

in reply to LoneBeheshty — 8:54pm Jul 8 2012 —

RT @LoneBeheshty: Great 2nd day on #wordpress course. Now got to make changes to my 2 existing sites & also create a 3rd! Nice touch …

8:53pm Jul 8 2012 —

RT @LoneBeheshty: Attended an excellent 1st day of a 2-day #wordpress course in M/cr today. Great instruction from WP co-founder Mike Li …

8:53pm Jul 8 2012 —

@voxra @madlabuk Thanks Voxra, I knew I was enthusiastic, wasn’t sure how I would come across. So glad you enjoyed it.

in reply to voxra — 8:51pm Jul 8 2012 —

RT @voxra: Completed 2-day WordPress course at @madlabuk. WP co-founder @mikelittlezed1 was able and enthusiastic teacher. Free @marbleb …

8:50pm Jul 8 2012 —

@everytreecat @madlabuk Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, Caitriona.

in reply to everytreecat — 8:50pm Jul 8 2012 —

RT @everytreecat: Great wordpress course @madlabuk yesterday & today – worth giving up a weekend for #notthatyoucouldtellbytheamount …

8:48pm Jul 8 2012 —

On my way to teach day 2 of my WordPress for beginners course @madlabuk

7:24am Jul 8 2012 —

RT @anildash: Rather than optimizing your website for Retina displays, invest your budget on the 30x as many people who have visual/sigh …

6:15am Jul 8 2012 —

Back home after a great day teaching day one of my WordPress for beginners course @madlabuk. I think it went well.

6:16pm Jul 7 2012 —

@richardtape Just to clarify, the WordPress for Beginners course @MadLabUK has no more places left. So please don’t come along!

in reply to richardtape — 8:50am Jul 6 2012 —

RT @madlabuk: There’s only one spot left on the WordPress course, book it while you can! (via @omniversity)

4:23pm Jul 2 2012 —