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@madlabuk Yeah, that works fine note.

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@madlabuk FYI the brochure linked on the page is not publicly shared.

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@wcmcr Surely, that should be “you may not get the t-shirt/lunch you choose”?

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So sad to hear of the death of @alexkingorg. One of the original WordPress developers. RIP.

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RT @madlabuk: Learn Advance WordPress techniques with co-founder Mike Little, 15/16th Oct, book now!……

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RT @wcmcr: A big thank you to the silver sponsors for WordCamp Manchester @wpengine @yoast @wpvelocityuk and @netweaveruk #wcmcr

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@samsquirrel22 @AndrewSaxton1 @NorthShoreNews Shirley you have the wrong Mike Little!

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RT @eljeejavier: Made it through day one of WordPress course. My head is more full, in a good way! Beer time now to digest the day #postwork

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RT @eljeejavier: Got coffee, water and snacks – and laptop plug 😀 Bring on #wordpress day two via @madlabuk #training

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RT @eljeejavier: End of #wordpress course. Looking fwd to having a play on test site. Many thanks to @mikelittlezed1 & @madlabuk #whew #som…

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@samsquirrel22 @AndrewSaxton1 Shirley, I ‘m in the UK, so I couldn’t make it☺

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RT @FarahBahsoon: Enjoying the @madlabuk WordPress course with @mikelittlezed1

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#TPP officials appointed a new Chief Transparency Officer. Real transparency means showing us the text! Speak out

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@tnash @stevehoneyman *would* not world. Bloomin’ auto correction!

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@tnash @stevehoneyman next one is mid-October
World love to see you there.

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@Joffff contact form on
Note, I’m way this weekend so you won’t get an instant reply.

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RT @GirlGeekUpNorth: Day 2 of Beginner’s WP with @mikelittlezed1, getting some tips on awesome plugins to use! Looking forward to puttin th…

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RT @inkypink68: Fantastic day 2 @madlabuk with @mikelittlezed1 & great group on WordPress Beginners course. Feel inspired which is sign of …

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@mbriggsdc No. It was straight forward. Had to tweak theme header files to change hard coded links. And colours/header image too.

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RT @GirlGeekUpNorth: Awesome day 1 of Beginner’s WordPress @madlabuk with @mikelittlezed1! Cannot wait for day 2!

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RT @inkypink68: @madlabuk @mikelittlezed1 fantastic, Mike is a great teacher & very enthusiastic, highly recommended, can’t wait for tomorr…

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RT @GirlGeekUpNorth: I’ve been blogging for 18 months, & can’t believe how much I’m learning in Beginner’s WordPress with @mikelittlezed1! …

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RT @madlabuk: Last chance! Book our Beginner’s WordPress course with co-founder Mike Little, this Thurs/Fri… http://t…

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RT @madlabuk: Need help setting up your first website? Learn WordPress with co-founder @mikelittlezed1……

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