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@Pixthatshreds Oh no! DM me a postal address.

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RT @MartinBurke1: First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale Via @glopol_analys…

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RT @fowlcomics: This made a bunch of folks mad last year when I posted it…so here it is again. ?……

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RT @markjaquith: “Life is a trigger”

On trigger warning insanity.…

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RT @GiveBloodNHS: More black donors are needed for their rare blood types. Be there for your community.…

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Just watched @facebook sports advert. Notable that all participants depicted are able-bodied. #notthinkingofdiversity

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RT @aral: “My daughter Tara is being sent to an all male prison”

Help stop it:…

#TaraHudson #ISeeTara…

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@williamsba congratulations!

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RT @miss_jwo: Get ready to roll your eyes multiple times if you read this letter to SXSW.…

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@Owenradford I likely won’t renew. Just buy any individual ones for clients.

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@Owenradford their designs are like many others. Meh. I also dislike their non-standard options panel. But the WooCommerce ones work well.

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RT @dotforgeimpact: We’re happy to announce that @madlabuk Founder, Rachael Turner, will be speaking at our panel event!…

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Not such a bargain: When I bought @WooThemes “All themes” package it was approx 100 themes for $200. Now it’s only 19 themes for $399.

5:22pm Oct 27 2015 —

@WooThemes You need to update the “all themes” offering. It says 63 theme for $399. It’s really 27 themes – 8 of which are already free.

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RT @MichelleHayTrng: November offer now available 3for2 on all courses Book Now via @MichelleHayTrng

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RT @madlabuk: Want know more about MadLab’s Art+Tech accelerator? We’re hosting regular briefing sessions over the next few weeks: https://…

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RT @madlabuk: It’s WordPress for Beginners this Thursday and Friday, with WP co-founder @mikelittlezed1. Just three places left! https://t.…

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@simonwheatley @davidsmalley Empower a toddler by allowing them to choose from two acceptable options. Everything: food, clothes, toys…

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RT @madlabuk: Learn to build a website in 2 days with our WordPress for Beginners course, 29/30th October… https://t…

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RT @BuchananBen: We often say once something is on the Internet, it’s out there forever. This great piece shows the cost of that myth http:…

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@managewp it could be yes. Do you get much traffic to the page?

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RT @madlabuk: Develop professional techniques with our Advanced WordPress course, 26/27th November……

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@eljeejavier yep. It’s on my list to reply today. ☺

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RT @philipcolligan: Good stuff from @Marthalanefox on why we need to scale up existing initiatives to get women (warriors) into #tech http:…

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